1 year completed with Dramatic Soul


Dramatic Soul completes one whole year since I bought it on my own! Woohoo! May 27 is officially Dramatic Soul’s birthday!

Thinking about how the year was in terms of the blog… well… I’m not so proud of myself! I haven’t been giving as much attention as required to the blog and I hate myself for that. There are hardly 15 book reviews so far and sooo many topics that I left halfway after I started writing a post! Since I have renewed the post for the next year, and it is its birthday I make a promise to bve a better blogger henceforth.

I really like what I am doing here. I like the fact that I have something to say and people who like to read my thoughts. I got to know some really great people thanks to this idea of maintaining a blog and I am really thankful for that!

Talking about Dramatic Soul, I bought this domain an year after a domain called dramaticsoul.com which I received as a gift from a fellow blogger expired and I had grown attached to the name. I was blogging on the subdomain of wordpress.com and decided to finally invest in a blog. I was my dad who financed the purchase last year, but this year I can proudly say that the renewal was completely my own!

I still rant a lot over here but I try to include more posts about books, about what is really happening around me, etc. I have recently been getting a lot of book review requests, and accepting them, communicating with publishers, etc. is helping me a lot to become professional with the whole idea.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to change a lot more things in the upcoming year and make this an even better place for all my visitors.

What is happening with you all these days, readers?



    • Thanks Poulami!

  1. Happy birthday to Dramatic Soul! I remember that you had the .com and you must have liked the name because you stuck to it even when you had a WordPress.com URL. 🙂 For me it’s hard to pick my actual blog birthday because I had georgie.nu for a while, but I didn’t move to hey.georgie.nu until December 2012. But that said, I also kept my posts from Heartdrops.org.

    Heartdrops.org was where I first did some serious blogging and I started that in late 2008. So I’d love to know what you think Bhairavee, when would my blog’s actual birthday be?

    As for DS, I’m happy that you have stuck around! 🙂 I think we’ve chatted a lot more over the past year. And it’s great you have been getting book review requests – keep it up!

    I have also enjoyed reading what you have been up to in terms of school and just what’s going on. 🙂 That’s what blogging is all about!

    • Since you are not sure about the exact birthday, why don’t you pick up the date when maybe you moved to hey.georgie.nu? Or when something significant happened in terms of the blog and make it it’s birthday!

  2. Happy Blogiversary 🙂 Even though you’re not happy with your progress so far, just think about what you’ve done and what you can do to do more in the future since you can’t change the past. When I was a student, I barely blogged, too, and I wasn’t happy about that much, but in the end school was my priority. I’ve focused on my blog more after completing my degrees, and you can do the same, too!

  3. Happy Blogiversary bee .. with coming years you will definitely blog more.

    • Thanks Teja!

  4. Happy blog anniversary Dramatic Soul! ^^

    I’ve just been sick with bronchitis and surviving that.

  5. Happy birthday to Dramatic Soul! I think it makes sense that other things in life get in the way, and so sometimes we end up neglecting our blogs. As long as you like what you’re doing on the blog, then I think that’s what matters 🙂 Congrats on doing the renewal on your own!

  6. Happy blog anniversary 🙂
    I’ve only just started blogging and I’m still trying to work out some kind of posting schedule, what I’m actually wanting to talk about… it’s hard work but it’s fun and I hope I’m still around in a year


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