Hello people,

Just making a quick post here before my long and hectic weekend begins.


So, it’s my 23rd birthday today! I really don’t feel anything different right now, but the day ahead sure is gonna be very different.

For the first time, I am gonna spend my entire day coding! I have been selected to be a part of JP Morgan Chase’s Code for Good Contest – Mumbai 2016! It’s basically a 2 day Hackathon which starts today at 8 am and will end tomorrow at 5 pm. It is going to be one hell of a day. I’ll write about the actual event maybe tomorrow night or on Monday, for sure. (I have been procrastinating a lot with the posts these few days!).

Talking about the picture above, that’s my brand new Amazon Kindle! My very first too! I suppose everyone who reads my blog knows how crazy I am about books and Kindle is going to help me read even more now, I hope! This is my birthday gift, partially from my parents and partially from myself. I had promised myself I will gift myself something from the winnings of IT Olympiad competition I won in February, and here I did it.

I think that’s all I have to say right now, because I’m super nervous for tomorrow’s competition and I better go and sleep ASAP since my day will begin at 5 tomorrow! Good night!