28 days…

I just realized, as Anirudh reminded me, that there are only 28 days to go for my 21st B’day! Usually I get pretty excited about my birthdays, though I don’t really celebrate them, thanks to the awesome monsoon weather and the fact that schools and now colleges reopen around the month of July so all my friends are busy with their own lives!

But this year the thought of my birthday hadn’t crossed my mind until now. I am so busy worrying and anticipating my results and thinking about the admission process, that I didn’t think what I want on this birthday. It’s a landmark birthday technically but I don’t have anything to ask for because most of the things that I want (like a new phone) is based on how my results are! This is actually so sad! As it is, usually my gifts from my parents tend to be money, some of which I land up spending in a bookstore! I usually ask people to gift me money instead of a thing and I do the same in return because I believe that a person can buy what he likes with that money, instead of ending up with an object that he/she might find useless!

The results have practically sucked the life out of me! I don’t go anywhere, I don’t do anything, I don’t even READ! My mom is constantly trying to push me out, but the unreliability of the results is making me listless. I mean, the Mumbai University should have at least posted a date as to when we can expect our results. They always publish the date of results of 10th and 12th examination…. which are considered the most important exams in one’s life… I don’t see why a graduation examination’s final result is not of a similar importance! Okay, I’m rambling too much about this!

On the Web Designing front, I’m trying to study and understand jQuery on my own. I always thought it is very difficult and very complicated, but it’s actually quite easy, and I’m glad I tried to study it! I hope i’ll use it some where…

Now I’m going to try to read Insurgent, Bye!



  1. Don’t worry i will keep on updating u if u lose track of it.
    After all i want a party from my best friend (ya ya i know i am selfish!! :p 😉 ).

    What more can u expect from Mumbai University after all it is a neighbour of Pune university (hope u got what i am trying to say).
    Totally bored waiting for the results.

  2. For what it is worth: Happy Early Birthday! It’s okay, my birthday is in August, when it close to starting school again. Annoying, I know.

    But I still try to celebrate it regardless.

    Man, I hate when results aren’t posted soon. I’m awfully impatient and stuff. Lol

    Hopefully, they get posted!


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