So, I am finally doing a post in Georgie’s A Day in the Life linkup. It’s been ages since I did one! So here am I describing how my day fared yesterday. I know it’s a bit late but yesterday I was in no position to do anything and I ended my day a bit early too!

banner-1600 So, yesterday, I had to wake up super early, and by early I mean by 8. It is early, almost like dawn because since my vacations started I have been sleeping at 3 or 4 am and waking up way after 11. Yesterday was a special day because I had to accompany my sister, Vaibhavi to her new college to confirm her admission there. Since I am blogging after ages, let me give you some more details. Here, when were in 10th standard our final exam marks determine our future : which college you will get for your post-matric education (10+2 years of education, that is), which stream you will pursue your career in (science, arts, or commerce), etc.

My sister gave her 10th std exams this year and she scored a whooping 95.2% score and is her school’s 3rd ranker as well. So she got a seat in one of Mumbai’s most renowned college for science stream, which requires the least commuting time and at the same time will give her a good college experience before her professional career begins and we had to go and confirm her admission there. It was one hectic job, running from one place to other, getting documents verified, getting papers xeroxed, etc. It almost took us two hours to get all things done and return home.

After returning home, in about two hours, we went back out to shop for my back to college clothes. I usually prefer shopping with my mom, because she gives the best critics and I end up with the best clothes for the next 6 months! Since the monsoon has begun, the shops were all on end of season sale and though it is a good thing to shop with sales, the stock was pretty boring and I just couldn’t find anything worth buying and after roaming around for almost 4 hours, I ended up with 3 kurtis and 2 blouses. I had expected to get a little better haul.

We had a nice lunch in the mall’s food court where we were shopping, with a nice assortment of chole bhature, chicken biryani and a Subway sandwich and ended our meal with a slice of kulfi. I didn’t take any pictures :(!

But all the roaming took a toll on me and my sister and we both were down with fever! I was so tired with a horrid ache in my legs that I had to give in to my body’s demands and all it a night by 11 pm!

How was your day?