A Day In The Life : September 2015

This is supposed to be a post in Georgie‘s monthly link-up but since I am late by a day for September’s post, this one will be an individual post.

30th September marked as a day when my In-Semester exam would come to an end (thankfully) .

The Exams

The day began in the way all days with exams do for me, at around 5 with a start, because I hadn’t finished my studies. My first paper was at 9:30 and then next at 1:30. Commuting to the college was uneventful and I reached college on time with some time to spare for revise for GIS (Geographical Info Systems).

The first paper was a big joke. Our teacher didn’t set the paper as per the marks allocated for a question, i.e. one question asked was for 2 marks for which a normal person will write a mark of half a page for the answer, but the question asked was so big that the answer became a proper 3 page short note, with no scope to cut it short!

The second paper, DBMS (Database Management System) was another huge disaster. The overall paper was not bad but there were two queries which ruined it for me! I hadn’t read anything about showing class hierarchies in database tables and that landed me in a soup 🙁

The Afternoon :

I was going to meet my mom, at Ghatkopar, a place in Mumbai and we were to go to an exhibition where my friend Anirudh’s mom had a stall. I had asked my mom to meet me by 5 at the Ghatkopar station and since my mom and my younger sister share one mobile phone and my sister had to take it with her to her tution class, my mom was without a phone and couldn’t contact me. But I decided to go to the station as per what we had decided.

Before leaving for Ghatkopar, Anirudh and I decided to have a late lunch since we didn’t eat anything during the break, because of the studies.


Schezwan Flat Noodles

Then I hurried to meet my mom. She had already reached and was waiting anxiously for me, since she had realized while travelling towards Ghatkopar that she had forgotten to take the house keys. I hadn’t taken mine either but one pair was with my sis and she wasn’t going to return home till 9 pm!

So, now we had no choice but to while our time away till 9pm no matter what. We went to the exhibition like we had decided and it was totally awesome. It was a sort of an ethnic exhibition of the Gujrati and Marwari communities with stalls for imitation jewelry, dresses, dress materials, saree, bags, and decorative and gifts stuff.

Anirudh’s mom had a stall of kundan rangoli, small candle stands, diyas (lamps), quilling paper greeting cards, frames and so much more. Anirudh didn’t come with us over there because it was an all ladies fair (apparently) and it was very crowded too. We did manage to see Anirudh’s mom’s stall and even talk to her for a while, before making some purchases and heading out of the place, with its crowd exponentially increasing!

Here are some of the things we purchased.


The two lamps (candle stands)




Quilling paper Greeting card


A purse / wallet for my sister

Floating candles

Floating candles

Even after all this, we were left we about 3 hours to spend before we could return home. My dad was also going to return home late. So we decided to go in the opposite direction from my home in Thane and to visit my grandparents.

The joy of surprising them and their incredible looks just made my day even better! It was relaxing to meet them and to have a nice chat with everyone for around 1 and 1/2 hours before we had to leave.

The whole journey back home was great with the train being quite empty. We even met my sister at the Thane station as well, so we could all go back home together 😀

My day ended when I decided to crash after having to work on to assignments for the following day (at 2 am)!


  1. I am glad your day turned out for the better by surprising your grandparents!

    That is a weird/joke of an essay paper. I can’t believe that even occurred. I bet you’re glad that you are done with that paper and exam?

    That wallet looks adorable! I’m glad you had a good time at the stall. I love visiting little stalls like that.

  2. Ah, that is so annoying about the exams and how there were set out. I am sure that you will still do really well!

    That’s great that you enjoyed the exhibition!

    Aww, how lovely that you surprised your grandparents, I am sure they loved it.

    That was good that you were able to meet your sister at the station and all go home together. 🙂

  3. Sounds like one busy day! The stuff you bought is so cute and pretty!

    By the way good luck on the exams!

  4. Ooh yum, those noodles look good. I also love the things you bought! The candle stands and greeting card are so pretty. I really like that flower design on the card.

    That’s a sweet idea to surprise your grandparents 🙂 I’m glad you had a nice end to your day!

  5. It sounds like you had a busy but fun day! I love the things you purchased, they look lovely! Hope your exam went well xx


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