(I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.)

Dear Anirudh,


Friendship over the years

We have been best of best friends over 4 years now. What started as a accusation for scoring a full 100/100 in Java went on to us becoming friends in almost every major project till date. You taught me so many things starting from how to hack into games to fixing any problems that arise in my life (yes, I’m a proud hacker of certain games now).

We fight so much almost every alternate week, but I know that even during those fights if I need any help, you will be there without me asking for it. We have done so many things together, be it our most important final year projects when we barely knew each other, to flying for a prestigious competition and sharing the experience of flying in a plane for the first time. I know I can wake you up in the middle of the night to vent out my anger.  I can trouble you with my relentless fear of failing in a paper till we reach the exam center. I can depend on you to drop me home when I am sick. The world may say this is what a boyfriend should do, but I see all these as acts of friendship more than couple goals! I prize our friendship way way more than love at times because love can turn to hate, but if friendship exists, things will mend back.

I know things changed when we successfully got into the same post graduation college, which was a huge feat I think, because I never ever expected me to clear the entrance exam and get here and be what I am today, but then even there you were there for those three days to push as much stuff as you can in that tiny dot of a brain I have (as you say) which I think contributed to the success in my exam!

After getting here, I made new friends and I love them a lot too, but trust me on this one, they never replaced you. They created their own place in my life, but never took yours and never will. I’m very happy that I have them as I am for having you around me!

I know I’m going away soon (in a month’s time to be precise) but I promise you, nothing will change. I will still be there when you get down, be there to cheer your success, in short always be there for you!

Thanks for being there 😀