About Bhairavee and Dramatic Soul

Hello everyone, Welcome to Dramatic Soul

Who am I?


I’m Bhairavee. I’m an almost 23-year-old Indian-based blogger.

I’ve completed B.Sc. in Computer Science from Mumbai University and currently I’m pursuing my Masters degree in computer applications (MCA) from VJTI, the one of best technical colleges in India.

I’m a short-tempered Leo, who loves books more than anything in this world! I can be troublesome to get along with and generally am left alone. But if you are among my best friends, I make sure that I never hurt you intentionally. I can be very stubborn about my decisions and it is very hard to get me to change them.

I’m an Anime freak and a huge Harry Potter fan 😀

What do I blog about?

I’m a very lazy blogger, but when I do blog, it can be about anything, absolutely anything. Being an avid reader, I like to mention books that I have read and at times, even like to review them.

Why do I blog?

I blog because it keeps in touch with a lot of people across the world. It gives me a medium to express myself. Also, being a computer student who loves web designing, blogs keep me abreast with the latest web technologies (even though I am not good in using them).

 About ‘Dramatic Soul’ :

It’s a name that describes me. I’m a dramatic person and I tend to get bored with routine life, hence the name. I have had many ‘not-so-successful’ blogs since the age of 14, i.e. almost since 7 years. I wish I’ll be able to master the art of being a good and regular blogger soon.

Others :

NameCheap hosts me and Dramatic Soul is registered with NameCheap too!

Photographs are usually taken by me, others will be credited. Book Covers are taken from GoodReads

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I’m a Guest Reviewer at VaultofBooks.

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