Hey there guys, I’m back with a new Author in Spotlight post.
Today, it is going to be an interview with Isabel Bandeira, author of BOOKISHLY  EVER AFTER! So, read on to know about this awesome author.


1. Please tell us something about yourself.

In addition to being a writer, I’m a mechanical engineer and I design medical implants and instruments. A lot of people are surprised to learn that engineering and writing compliment each other very well!

2. Talking about Bookishly Ever After, what was your inspiration for this book?
Bookishly Ever After actually started as a short scene between a bookish girl drawing on her favorite characters for courage while trying to cross a rope bridge where the boy she liked was standing on the other side. The characters really stuck in my head and, not too long after, I started writing their story.
3. Your protagonist, Phoebe, is an absolute bookworm. That was the first thing that attracted me to this book. What made you portray Phoebe as a bookworm?
It was an integral part of her personality when she popped into my head. I’ve turned to book characters for advice (or fashion inspiration) in the past and loved the idea of a character who takes that just a step further!
4. Have you taken help from any books like Phoebe does?
Of course, doesn’t everyone?
5. What can you tell us about Dev? Any particular reasons for having an Indian background?

Dev was so much fun to write: cute, super talented (acting, singing, clarinet!), but will also pick up a book just to impress a girl.

Just like Phoebe being a bookworm was an integral part of her character the minute she came into my head, Dev’s background was the same. I remember picturing a very cute Indian boy on the other side of that rope bridge in that first scene I wrote, smiling encouragingly at Phoebe as she tried to cross. I’ve visited India (for way too short a time!) and when Dev describes his grandfather’s plantation in the last third of the book, that’s actually describing a place I visited (and fell in love with) while in Maharashtra state.
6. Did you write all the excerpts of the books Phoebe reads in the novel? How many did you have to write?
I did. I’ve actually lost count of the excerpts I wrote, because many were scrapped or changed depending on how the text changed during revisions. Each of the “books” had to be outlined so the excerpts would make sense in the greater story. It was like writing 5 or 6 books at the same time.
7. Is there going to be a sequel to Bookishly? if so, will the story continue with the same characters?
Book 2 in the Ever After series is Dramatically Ever After, and yes, it will feature the same characters. In Dramatically Ever After, Em is the main character and she gets to fight for her happily ever after!
8. If you were to pick up one novel as a favourite, which would it be and why?
Emily of New Moon, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Emily is the most autobiographical of all of LM Montgomery’s books, and her journey to becoming a published author was so real and inspiring. For once, I saw someone with the same dream as me in a book, fighting for every small writing success.
9. What is your favourite stress bursting hobbies?
I figure skate–jumping and spinning are great stress-busters. Also, when I was researching archery for Bookishly, I took a few lessons and ended up falling in love with the sport. Stress disappears when the only things I can focus on are the bow, arrow, and target.

10. Would you like to add anything for the readers?Uhm, I’m never sure what to write here 🙂 *waves* Hi? If you read, you’re already awesome in my book (okay, I didn’t intend that to be a pun, but I’m keeping it there!)