And the blogger returns!

And The Blogger ReturnsFor those who might have been following my blog would be knowing that I had taken a break from blogging two months back. I had a lot of things going on and I just couldn’t find the time to sit and write anything! But now I think, I finally have the time to get back to blogging, or at least I hope so.

What was happening? Like I said, a lot!

  • I was in Pune doing my internship with Dell EMC till June end.
  • I shifted back home to Mumbai at the start of July and then was just trying to reorganize everything (my studies, final submissions, my room, and maybe, my life too)
  • I turned 24 this July. (I’m getting old!)
  • Weight-loss regime (that’s a WIP task)
  • Books and Movies



Hello people,

Just making a quick post here before my long and hectic weekend begins.


So, it’s my 23rd birthday today! I really don’t feel anything different right now, but the day ahead sure is gonna be very different.

For the first time, I am gonna spend my entire day coding! I have been selected to be a part of JP Morgan Chase’s Code for Good Contest – Mumbai 2016! It’s basically a 2 day Hackathon which starts today at 8 am and will end tomorrow at 5 pm. It is going to be one hell of a day. I’ll write about the actual event maybe tomorrow night or on Monday, for sure. (I have been procrastinating a lot with the posts these few days!).

Talking about the picture above, that’s my brand new Amazon Kindle! My very first too! I suppose everyone who reads my blog knows how crazy I am about books and Kindle is going to help me read even more now, I hope! This is my birthday gift, partially from my parents and partially from myself. I had promised myself I will gift myself something from the winnings of IT Olympiad competition I won in February, and here I did it.

I think that’s all I have to say right now, because I’m super nervous for tomorrow’s competition and I better go and sleep ASAP since my day will begin at 5 tomorrow! Good night!

1 year completed with Dramatic Soul


Dramatic Soul completes one whole year since I bought it on my own! Woohoo! May 27 is officially Dramatic Soul’s birthday!

Thinking about how the year was in terms of the blog… well… I’m not so proud of myself! I haven’t been giving as much attention as required to the blog and I hate myself for that. There are hardly 15 book reviews so far and sooo many topics that I left halfway after I started writing a post! Since I have renewed the post for the next year, and it is its birthday I make a promise to bve a better blogger henceforth.

I really like what I am doing here. I like the fact that I have something to say and people who like to read my thoughts. I got to know some really great people thanks to this idea of maintaining a blog and I am really thankful for that!

Talking about Dramatic Soul, I bought this domain an year after a domain called which I received as a gift from a fellow blogger expired and I had grown attached to the name. I was blogging on the subdomain of and decided to finally invest in a blog. I was my dad who financed the purchase last year, but this year I can proudly say that the renewal was completely my own!

I still rant a lot over here but I try to include more posts about books, about what is really happening around me, etc. I have recently been getting a lot of book review requests, and accepting them, communicating with publishers, etc. is helping me a lot to become professional with the whole idea.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to change a lot more things in the upcoming year and make this an even better place for all my visitors.

What is happening with you all these days, readers?


22 Random Facts

pink_blossom_tree-1520652There have been these “X random facts” posts going around the blogs for a while now. This is my 22 random facts, a special for my 22nd bday! This is gonna be a long list! 😀 😀 (more…)