I celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday, i.e. on July 23.

21st birthdays are considered to be landmark birthdays and mine truly was one. I have cribbed over my results in my posts for about 3 months now and I’m glad to say that I finally am a graduate! I am officially a graduate in B.Sc. Computer Science from the University of Mumbai. I got an total CGPA of 6.65 on a scale of 7 and I am 2nd in my college in this particular course *pat on my back! (more…)

28 days…

I just realized, as Anirudh reminded me, that there are only 28 days to go for my 21st B’day! Usually I get pretty excited about my birthdays, though I don’t really celebrate them, thanks to the awesome monsoon weather and the fact that schools and now colleges reopen around the month of July so all my friends are busy with their own lives! (more…)