A Day In The Life : September 2015

This is supposed to be a post in Georgie‘s monthly link-up but since I am late by a day for September’s post, this one will be an individual post.

30th September marked as a day when my In-Semester exam would come to an end (thankfully) .

The Exams

The day began in the way all days with exams do for me, at around 5 with a start, because I hadn’t finished my studies. My first paper was at 9:30 and then next at 1:30.┬áCommuting to the college was uneventful and I reached college on time with some time to spare for revise for GIS (Geographical Info Systems).


Exam and Movies!

Yesterday was a very hectic yet very well spent – type of a day.

What did I do ?

1. Java Exam :

I had my Java programming paper, which had made me extremely nervous (I have no idea why) and I was not at all looking forward to writing the paper. The exam wasn’t as bad as I thought but it wasn’t a perfect one either. I couldn’t write a code for a client server program which was for 10 marks ­čÖü because I was running out of time and I just couldn’t code it. But overall, I think I’ll get an average┬áscore. On the bright side, this was my second last paper and as the next one is on Tuesday, I have got some relaxing time now!

2. Collecting the Result.

Two weeks before my exams began, we received the mark sheet of the 1st semester exam (how early, I know!). Now because I didn’t give one exam of that semester as I had Gone for ACM ICPC that one paper’s grade was marked as a FF (failed) grade in my result. The examination committee didn’t say when I would get my re-exam result and I thought I would again inquire about it on the day I would come for my first paper. On 21st April, on day of first paper I found out that the re-exam result collection dates had been put up as 16th and 17th of April! On top of that when I went to the exam section that day, the people there told me that the lady who is in charge of the MCA dept is on a leave for a week! This had got me super worried but I couldn’t do anything about it. Yesterday because I didn’t have to hurry home and start studying, I again went to check the status of the result. I got shocked that the lady told me that it was my fault I didn’t come to inquire before yesterday. I know I was wrong for not going on the dates specified, but if she was on leave, how was I supposed to keep inquiring?

Eventually she gave me my result and I was particularly assumed by the fact that, my friend (partner at ICPC) and I may have been the only students who gave a re-exam and came out to be the 2nd and 3rd toppers, resp., of the dept ­čśŤ

3. The Movie – ┬áThe Avengers : The Age of Ultron

I finally went to watch The Avengers. I had been wanting to watch it ever since I saw it’s trailer but because of the exams I couldn’t go in the week the movie released. Yesterday I got the perfect time to watch it and I was totally worth the wait. On top of that, the auditorium was 99% full of school and college going students which made the whole movie watching part even more lively and fun. The reactions from the crowd always brightens up the spirits of a patron in a movie theater, I feel!

I recommend this movie for everyone, even if you haven’t seen the first Avengers movie!

All in all this was a great day!

Annual Exam Time Is Here.

April has been an exam month for almost my entire life, and this year is no different.


Since, I entered college, exams didn’t mean only the theory exams, it meant the heavy submissions, the practical exams and the vivas!

This hasn’t changed even one bit for post graduation exams. Submissions mean make thick files of all the programs or projects we did the semester. I never understood the purpose of it seeing that we always show our completed to our subject teachers after every practical. It only leads to the piles and piles of scrap paper, I feel. The worst part of it is standing forever outside the xerox shops for getting the prints. I am sure the shops around VJTI love submission time!

We don’t have practical exams anymore because we are subjected to continuous examination in the lab work over the semester. But that makes the viva part more important that it ever was. The viva is not very bad as long as you know the subject well. But this semester I was and still am particularly scared of some vivas. I don’t know, those subjects make me a lot nervous than I usually am!

On Thursday, I have my the last of my vivas and from 21st of April to 6th of May I have my last theory papers!

Seeing that the papers are from next Tuesday, I am super scared about how I am gonna finish studying everything and revising it as well in such a small amount of time!

What exam tips can you all give me?