And the blogger returns!

And The Blogger ReturnsFor those who might have been following my blog would be knowing that I had taken a break from blogging two months back. I had a lot of things going on and I just couldn’t find the time to sit and write anything! But now I think, I finally have the time to get back to blogging, or at least I hope so.

What was happening? Like I said, a lot!

  • I was in Pune doing my internship with Dell EMC till June end.
  • I shifted back home to Mumbai at the start of July and then was just trying to reorganize everything (my studies, final submissions, my room, and maybe, my life too)
  • I turned 24 this July. (I’m getting old!)
  • Weight-loss regime (that’s a WIP task)
  • Books and Movies


Half-Girlfriend / Half-Boyfriend

It often is the situation that you have a friend, whom you consider very close to you, whom you trust completely, but with whom you are not committed. If the world asks you about your relationship with this person, you may not be able to put it in words, because that person is more than a friend but not really at the girlfriend or boyfriend stage.

I have seen this situation so many times. Two people talk to each other, spend most of the awaking time with each other, they even know that there is something more than just friendship between them, yet neither of them are ready to say the words and commit to their relationship.

So I’ll tell you a story of two people whom I would prefer not to name, and which falls in this category of Half girlfriend / Half boyfriend. They had been friends for ages and the world around them thought of them as a couple all the time. The guy was indifferent to the world’s teasing and jabs. The girl used to get frustrated over the people ruining the two of their relationship. She tried to fight with the world, trying to explain how they were friends and didn’t want others to misinterpret their relationship. Secretly even I believe that they knew they meant more to each other than they tried to portray. The girl was unsure of the whole commitment and knew she trusted the guy more than anyone else and trusted him to be there for her no matter what. The guy was ready to anything for the girl and even go against the world if he had to. Eventually the girl got over her insecurities and didn’t mind committing her relationship and I think that strengthened their bond too. So may be if taken in the right direction relationships that are more than friendship but less than a committed relationship can still work and bloom out in a great committed relationship. On the other hand it can also end peacefully without any burdens of broken promises and stuff because the relationship just did not work out.

Yes, if taken a lot of time to get over your inhibitions this can scar your friendships too if one of the two want some thing more out of the relationship. This is actually a complicated situation which is growing in more and more individuals’ lives, in my opinion.

Half Girlfriend is a movie that expresses this type of a relationship.

This is a post where I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

Woes of Sharing Your Room

I think I have mentioned this before about how I am living in a flat with roommates now since I have moved to Pune for my internship.

Let me tell you this… if you don’t get the right roommates your life can become hell because of these people.
I never wanted to share my room with anyone. Flat sharing is cool in a two bedroom flat. But 4 people living in 2 rooms was never something that I wanted to do. But as fate had it, I got a room with 3 girls staying and a vacancy for one. The girls seemed good and my father liked the place so well, I decided to go with it.
The girl I shared my room with was also great, but she left the house in about 5 days of me shifting in.
I don’t know where my brain had gone at that time and though there was a chance on me taking the whole room for myself, I didn’t do anything.
In January, I got a roommate.
This girl was exactly opposite to all that I am. She sleeps at 9 pm (fine by me, since I get more solo time with quietness in my room.), cooks are own food, is way older than me and thinks she is extremely smart cuz she earns the most among all the girls in the house. Everything okay with me because who is she to me? What do I care about since I am not going stay here after my internship ends. I was happy in ignoring her as long as I can.

But today she comes up to me when I am taking a bath and bangs on my door cuz she wants to put her own bucket of water to heat on the electric rod. How is some one who is taking a bath supposed to give her a bucket? On top of that, every morning I am the one who puts her bucket to heat myself. Is this my responsibility? I don’t think so since she doesn’t even wake up when I do. I am the first one to get up everyday. On top of that, when I came out she starts shouting on me that I disturb her sleep by staying up and working or reading or by talking on the phone. I will never apologize to some one by reading. Talking on the phone when the other person is awake and when I am paying for the room too I don’t think I am supposed to act only to please the others. Telling me to adjust can go two ways.

With all this ranting I would like to conclude saying, living with strangers is a real pain if you don’t get the type who understand you. It is difficult to please them all.

What are your experiences?

Few hours before moving to a new city

So, today (since it’s already past 12 here), in about 8 hours, I’ll be leaving for Pune, where I’ll be staying for the next 6 months for my internship.

I have such mixed feeling tonight. I just finished messaging my friends from college a goodbye and then sat back to think what this actually meant. It’s been roughly 2 and a half years since I got the notification of being accepted into VJTI for MCA at 1:30 am after waiting for the results all day. Though going into this college and for this course meant getting a decent job, I still don’t believe that tomorrow I will actually be starting with my first official job.

These two and a half years have changed me a lot. I have become more confident about decision making, done a lot of different activities that helped learning how the industry works so I hope actually working in a company won’t be a huge challenge and I wish to enjoy it as much as I can. My friends have also changed me, and still keep guiding me, showing me where I’m going wrong and are always there for me.

I’m the first person from my class to starts with the internship on 19th Dec and the first one shifting for it too so it’s sorta a big deal. What is a bigger deal for me is how soon time files. I barely got a 15 days vacation and most of the time went in shopping and getting all the stuff needed to move together. I’m still not completely done with the packing and it seems like an endless cycle and I’m pretty sure despite it all I’m going to forget something here. Luckily enough, Mumbai is about 3 hours away from Pune. So I am planning on returning here on weekends if possible.

I’m still pretty sad to leave my family and go to another place. Though I like cooking I’m not much of a quick cook who can make her meals in minutes. I am very lazy in that matter and I depend a lot on my mom for my food. Now I’ll have to cook for myself. I have to wash my clothes without a washing machine… again a first! And I don;t even know my roommates so well as of now. I’m not used to even sharing my room with anyone and I’m quite a loner person at home. I prefer to be left alone, with my books, PC and work, with no one to badger around me.  So it all   looks like one big adventure right now.

All in all, I hope this shifting helps me in growing a lot more as a person, to enjoy my work life and help me in becoming independent. Stay tuned for my Pune stories now. 😀

A Random Letter to My Best Friend

(I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.)

Dear Anirudh,


Friendship over the years

We have been best of best friends over 4 years now. What started as a accusation for scoring a full 100/100 in Java went on to us becoming friends in almost every major project till date. You taught me so many things starting from how to hack into games to fixing any problems that arise in my life (yes, I’m a proud hacker of certain games now).

We fight so much almost every alternate week, but I know that even during those fights if I need any help, you will be there without me asking for it. We have done so many things together, be it our most important final year projects when we barely knew each other, to flying for a prestigious competition and sharing the experience of flying in a plane for the first time. I know I can wake you up in the middle of the night to vent out my anger.  I can trouble you with my relentless fear of failing in a paper till we reach the exam center. I can depend on you to drop me home when I am sick. The world may say this is what a boyfriend should do, but I see all these as acts of friendship more than couple goals! I prize our friendship way way more than love at times because love can turn to hate, but if friendship exists, things will mend back.

I know things changed when we successfully got into the same post graduation college, which was a huge feat I think, because I never ever expected me to clear the entrance exam and get here and be what I am today, but then even there you were there for those three days to push as much stuff as you can in that tiny dot of a brain I have (as you say) which I think contributed to the success in my exam!

After getting here, I made new friends and I love them a lot too, but trust me on this one, they never replaced you. They created their own place in my life, but never took yours and never will. I’m very happy that I have them as I am for having you around me!

I know I’m going away soon (in a month’s time to be precise) but I promise you, nothing will change. I will still be there when you get down, be there to cheer your success, in short always be there for you!

Thanks for being there 😀