College life draws to an end

Yesterday was the last official day of my college. Now I’ll be going for my exams in the 2nd week of November and after that college will be over, for real.

College Friends!

College Friends!

I’ve been feeling down over this for the last couple of days, wondering where I would be next year in October, will I ever get such relaxed time of life again, and is it really the end of my student life? I know that once I join my office, I won’t get time for myself, no care free days, no time to just lie in the bed till 10 am as I do after bunking a class! On top of that, I’m really gonna miss my friends. Over the years from school to under graduation college to post graduation college, I have lost contact of most of the friends and now this may be the last set of real friends I’ll ever make or get to bond so much. And I’m not really ready for goodbye…

To celebrate our last day together, my friends and I decided to go for a lunch party at a fast food joint, Gurukripa. My friends love the Chole Bhature dish there! You can see the dish below 😛

Chole Bhature!

Selfie before eating!


After my exams end, it’s not only goodbye for college, but also to my home, since I’ll be shifting to Pune for my internship. Though I’m excited of the new change, I wonder if my home will feel the same when I come home on holidays! I have never been away from my family in the 23 years for more than a couple of days and those couple of days had me calling my parents at least twice a day. I’m not shifting to a very far away city (just over 2 hours drive from Mumbai), but it still feels daunting!

Talking about holidays, my short Diwali vacation has began (Diwali vacation plus a Preparation leave for exams, this one is :P) and like we usually do, even this year my family has planned a short vacation for a couple of days. It again may be our last vacation in Diwali since my sister has also started with her college life and getting holidays for her is even more difficult that me, as she is constantly running from college to competitive exam classes to her Japanese Language class! I hope we enjoy this vacation!

And tell me about you all, what did you feel when your student life ended? How did it feel to move out? 

Happy Diwali to you all people! 😀


Month in a Nutshell – July to September 2016

I am back from a very long hiatus. I actually open my WordPress Dashboard to put up a new post everyday but I end up not doing it eventually. On top of that my layout needed a change. The one you currently may see is not a permanent one, I’m still trying to get that I built myself up soon (fingers crossed). So I’ll just dive into the post and tell you where I had disappeared for the last almost 2 months and about the highlights of them!

  • I am PLACED!

So, I am in my last semester of college, which will end in December, after which I have to do a 6-month internship for industry knowledge and to complete my course and after that I’ll begin with my full time job!

I have got my internship with the Isilon unit of EMC2, whose location is Pune! So I have to relocate and leave my home for at least 6 months and go to Pune. For my final placement, I have been accepted as a Technology Analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (yay!)

The best part is my placements happened in a span of less than 24 hours. I got my acceptance letter for JPMorgan on 10th August at about 9 pm and on the following day I got shortlisted for and cleared the interviews of EMC2 internship before 6 pm! And I was the first one in my class to get a final placement 😀

  • The Placement Committee

We, the students, have to call companies for our internship placements and usually the final placement recruitment is handled by our Training and Placement Officer (TPO). So the students form a committee for this purpose (calling and arranging the companies and also coordinating with the TPO for the companies that he brings). Since I am a part of it, it is one new responsibility which has the highest priority and takes the most time for me. At least one day of the week goes in the procedure for some company of the other and a few of us have to be present just for the coordination work! So far we have got 26 student out of 50 of my class who have got their internships!!

  •  Reading!

Oh I have been reading so much these days! I am still about 20 books away from my reading goal of 52 in 52 for this year but I must say, since I bought my Kindle, I have been reading much more than before with an average of 1 book per week… Not much, but given that I read the most during my daily commuting, this is better than not reading at all! But sadly, I am heavily behind my schedule of posting reviews and I have got a few Author in Spotlight posts lined up which I want to put up ASAP but just don’t seem to get any time for it 🙁

  • The mundane college work

Now since I am in the final semester of my Post Graduation course, the teachers expect a lot from us. With the placement work on our head, this term work comes as an additional burden which keeps increasing with the ever increasing amount of assignments and tests we keep submitting!

So, this is a short MIAN post, but something is better than nothing, right? I am trying to put up some scheduled posts so you may be seeing a few more things soon!

How have you all been and how were the past few months for you all?



A Day In The Life : September 2015

This is supposed to be a post in Georgie‘s monthly link-up but since I am late by a day for September’s post, this one will be an individual post.

30th September marked as a day when my In-Semester exam would come to an end (thankfully) .

The Exams

The day began in the way all days with exams do for me, at around 5 with a start, because I hadn’t finished my studies. My first paper was at 9:30 and then next at 1:30. Commuting to the college was uneventful and I reached college on time with some time to spare for revise for GIS (Geographical Info Systems).


Month In A Nutshell – August 2015

It’s been over a month since my last post and I have a very good reason for it too – college! What have I been doing? Well, college-home-college!

It’s true. I practically haven’t had time for anything else and at numerous times I even decided that I will blog, but the posts never materialized. (more…)