Month in a Nutshell – July to September 2016

I am back from a very long hiatus. I actually open my WordPress Dashboard to put up a new post everyday but I end up not doing it eventually. On top of that my layout needed a change. The one you currently may see is not a permanent one, I’m still trying to get that I built myself up soon (fingers crossed). So I’ll just dive into the post and tell you where I had disappeared for the last almost 2 months and about the highlights of them!

  • I am PLACED!

So, I am in my last semester of college, which will end in December, after which I have to do a 6-month internship for industry knowledge and to complete my course and after that I’ll begin with my full time job!

I have got my internship with the Isilon unit of EMC2, whose location is Pune! So I have to relocate and leave my home for at least 6 months and go to Pune. For my final placement, I have been accepted as a Technology Analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (yay!)

The best part is my placements happened in a span of less than 24 hours. I got my acceptance letter for JPMorgan on 10th August at about 9 pm and on the following day I got shortlisted for and cleared the interviews of EMC2 internship before 6 pm! And I was the first one in my class to get a final placement 😀

  • The Placement Committee

We, the students, have to call companies for our internship placements and usually the final placement recruitment is handled by our Training and Placement Officer (TPO). So the students form a committee for this purpose (calling and arranging the companies and also coordinating with the TPO for the companies that he brings). Since I am a part of it, it is one new responsibility which has the highest priority and takes the most time for me. At least one day of the week goes in the procedure for some company of the other and a few of us have to be present just for the coordination work! So far we have got 26 student out of 50 of my class who have got their internships!!

  •  Reading!

Oh I have been reading so much these days! I am still about 20 books away from my reading goal of 52 in 52 for this year but I must say, since I bought my Kindle, I have been reading much more than before with an average of 1 book per week… Not much, but given that I read the most during my daily commuting, this is better than not reading at all! But sadly, I am heavily behind my schedule of posting reviews and I have got a few Author in Spotlight posts lined up which I want to put up ASAP but just don’t seem to get any time for it 🙁

  • The mundane college work

Now since I am in the final semester of my Post Graduation course, the teachers expect a lot from us. With the placement work on our head, this term work comes as an additional burden which keeps increasing with the ever increasing amount of assignments and tests we keep submitting!

So, this is a short MIAN post, but something is better than nothing, right? I am trying to put up some scheduled posts so you may be seeing a few more things soon!

How have you all been and how were the past few months for you all?



Month in a Nutshell – March 2016

How the past month fared:

March was a super busy month. I was the last month for Project Deep Blue by Mastek, so I was constantly juggling between college work and project work.

Also, since March was the last month of the semester too (my term ended on April 7), there were many assignments and work piled up along with a mid-term exam.

I did take some time off to go on a shopping haul at Colaba Causeway in Mumbai, which is basically a street full of thrift shops and stalls.

I also watched Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice, which I really liked!

Since I had won the first runner up prize of IT Olympiad, which I mentioned in the last post, I treated my friends to a small party at my favourite restuarant, Gurukripa. It was my group’s first official outing somewhere (we usually stick to the canteen for treats :P)

I took Anirudh for a treat at a popular Rajasthani Thali restaurant called Rajdhani. we even watched a movie, Neerja, before lunch, which is a agian a great movie.

The last few days on March upto 8th of April went in a rigorous preparation of the final demonstration of of our app for Project Deep Blue. My team (riyal, Anirudh and I) pulled off many all-nighters for this too!

All in all it was a very heavy and busy month.

Expectations from April :

Well, the fact that I am writing this post in mid of April should be an indicator of how busy things are right now.

Till last Saturday I had to work on the project I mentioned above.

Tuesday and Wednesday (12th and 13th April) went in college viva and practical exam. The third viva is on the coming Monday.

Then from 20th of April, my final semester end exams are beginning which will go on till 2nd of May (there goes my April :P)

One little highlight of the month is 23rd of April, which is my younger sister’s birthday. So along with studies, I am preparing for her birthday too! 😀

Here’s a group picture of the Mastek final presentation. These are all the teams that participated from my college, VJTI and 8 teams were from my department MCA!






Month In A Nutshell – February 2016

Wow, there was not a single post in February! This makes me feel so bad.
Well, in any case, here’s another post in the MIAN category.
February had so many highlights that I think this is going to be a nice long post!

Weekend 1 : workshop at Mastek and IST begins 
I think I have mentioned in my previous post that my team got selected in the top 25 for the project Deep Blue by Mastek Ltd. That project has a lot of things included with it to help with the project development. One such thing is the workshops they conduct. The first one was on Design Thinking and since it was conducted in their office it was a very nice change to our regular college life.
The workshop was on Saturday and since my first internal exams were to begin from Monday, the rest of the weekend was spent locked up in my room with only books for company.

Week after weekend 1 : IST and results
The first 3 days of the week went in preparing for and writing the IST.
We even started getting the results on the subsequent days after the IST. Luckily the results weren’t that bad.😆

Weekend 2 : The Valentine’s Day weekend…
I mostly relaxed at home on Sunday but Saturday was awesomely hectic.
I met Anirudh and Riyal (my project team and best friends) at Thane for a meeting with our Mastek mentor. After the meet I had to go to Ghatkopar for some work and since was a Saturday with not much work, I decided to go and watch Deadpool.  I’m so glad I did! 😊
The latter half of Sunday went with my family since one of my uncles had come home, so we all went out for dinner, which was a very difficult task since it was Valentine’s day and getting a decent big table for us was a mighty task! Still it was a well spent evening.

Weekend 3 :
Saturday saw me back at Mastek’s office for another workshop for project Deep Blue. This time the workshop was for UX.
Following the workshop, my team along with two other teams went to meet the NGO for whom we are making the software. It was a very different experience since I have never been to an actual client meeting, so understanding the requirements from a non technical person, was really awesome.

Week and Weekend 4 :
This was one of the fastest week of month!
I had participated in an online quiz contest called IT Olympiad and I had managed to clear 3 rounds which were based on aptitude and technical knowledge. I didn’t expect to go on after the last round, but I was selected in the 2nd last round which was a Skype call interview round. It was the first time I had given an interview over Skype. Though the round was nice I again didn’t think I will clear it. (pessimism too much,  right?)
But I did and I was selected as the top 10 finalists from a total of 13500 participants and was invited for the final round which was to be conducted at College of Engineering, Pune on 27th Feb. I will write a separate posted following this exclusively on IT Olympiad.
On top of that, on 25th Feb, I became a proud aunt, for the first time!
On 26th it was my mother’s birthday but since my sister’s final SSC exams are starting on 5th of March, we didn’t celebrate it.
I even had an aptitude test for Credit Suisse summer internship, which was terrible. 😂
27th was the big big day of the Mega quiz of IT Olympiad and I won the 1st runner up prize!!
Sunday went in relaxing from the hectic journey and accepting all the congratulations from everyone and I had also one for a lunch party at my uncle’s place!
The extra leap year day again went in a great and tiring way since I had to bring my trophy and meet the director of vjti!
All in all, February was a great great month!

How was yours, readers?!

Month in a Nutshell – January 2016

I have written a few MIAN posts in the past. I have decided to consistently write at least these posts each month, to show that I am still alive :P!

How was this Month : Bad, with a few highlights here and there!

The new year began and so did my college term. This is one of the most demanding terms I have ever faced. Reasons :

  • We have some subjects which are very interesting to study but are extremely vast with very demanding set of practical assignments.
  • I am working on 3 projects of which 2 are about to get over but still require a lot of attention and time.

What were the highlights of this month :

Even though I’ll crib all day about how bad every thing was, there were sure some highlights that I have to mention.

  • 4th of January : Celebrating Anirudh’s birthday after college hours was a real fun thing and I think we had a great time together (after a long time)!
  • 9th January : Attended the Launch Event of Project Deep Blue by Mastek and my team (Riyal and Anirudh) and I got selected as the finalists in the project competition.
  • 15 – 18th January : A complete gastronomically delightful experience every day : Visited the CKP Food Fest, went to Ghatkopar’s famous Dosa wala and even had an impromptu treat of coffee during a Mastek meeting with our mentor!
  • Sort of reached to an end of a project we are doing for IBM, which has been going on for almost an year now!

Why was it bad :

Like always I am neck deep in work (College, studies, assignments and projects) and there is absolutely no time for my personal projects (blogging regularly, designing the layout and so much more!). I hardly get time to sleep and because of that half of my day in the train and college goes in fighting bouts of sleepiness.

The weekends are equally bad. I decided to study for the exams that are beginning from the next Monday, but I landed up working on one of the two ongoing projects.

On top of all that I have been in am emotional roller coaster for the past three weeks. At one moment I am high with happiness and the next I am down in the dumps. There have been arguments and misunderstandings and everything else and it is just emotionally draining me out! I am sure things will get better soon or least I can hope so.

What am I looking forward to in February 2016 :

EXAMS! Also, my sister’s school farewell and my mother’s b’day 😀

How was your January and what are you looking forward in the next month?