22 Random Facts

pink_blossom_tree-1520652There have been these “X random facts” posts going around the blogs for a while now. This is my 22 random facts, a special for my 22nd bday! This is gonna be a long list! 😀 😀 (more…)

A Day in the Life (June 2015)

I missed the monthly linkup of Georgie last month, but this month I decided to post it very early.

So how was my day today?

It was a great day though it had a lazy start to it.

Last night I was chatting into the wee hours with two of my friends. A college friend and n old school friend and hence I slept almost after 3 am. On top of it I had to hit the gym at 9 am and for that i have to be up by 7 at least.

Today I slept in and so I was sort of rudely woken up by my mom at 8:15 am. I totally hate waking up like this. I literally jumped out of the bed, got ready and ran to the gym.

Gym was also no good, thanks to the many step exercises that I had to do today. Today’s session, in my opinion was somewhat the most grueling session I had till date.

I had planned of meeting my old best friend, Ankita today. She just finished her exams of final year of engineering yesterday and wanted to meet me. We had been planning to meet for ages now and it always got cancelled because of the busy schedule of either of us.

Usually when Akita and I meet, we need at least 5-6 hours for catching up and today we decided to roam around the city while chatting. She wanted to go to the Siddhivinayank Mandir at Dadar in Mumbai. It is a very famous temple of Lord Ganesh, which is situated at the heart of the city. I had gone to the temple when I was a little child but because of the ever increasing crowd, we never went there in so many years. I was actually worried even today, because Tuesday is the day dedicated for worshipping lord Ganesha. So i thought there would be a lot of crowd there, but luckily there wasn’t too much of a crowd and we got our darshan quite quickly.

I couldn’t take any photos there, so these are a few photos from Google:



After that, we walked all the way back towards, Dadar Chowpatty and Kirti College. There, near Kirti college we had the famous vada pav at Ashok vada pav stall, near Kirti College. I totally love it and have it every time I go there, irrespective of whether I am trying to lose weight! It was a little too hot today and it burned our tongues, but it was delicious.

After all this roaming we were actually tired, because we were walking in the bright hot afternoon sun of summer time at 3 pm! So, we decided to head back to Thane and then have some more chatting sessions over there! Luckily, today the Central Railway train that we got while going to and coming back from Dadar, was not at all crowded. Thanks to all the roaming, we were very thirsty and tired and so we decided to go to our all time favourite ice cream parlour (Another no-no for me actually). This place is called Cool Camp and I love their various sundaes. But today I was in a mood for a more refreshing drink than ice cream and so Ankita and I decided to go for milkshakes with a scope of ice cream! I had a Chocolate Mocha milkshake while she has a Raspberry milkshake. It truly was divine and delicious!

I didn’t take pictures today, the main reason being Ankita! She hates me putting up her photos on my website (*sigh)  and so she was busy deleting all the photos from my phone that I painstakingly took!

After a really long chatting session with Ankita, I returned home y 8 pm. The remaining time at home involved talking with my mom, helping my sister with her studies and then sitting down and writing this blog! 😀

This post is the part of Georgie’s monthly linkup

How was your day?


Random Rant : Why I love Tea

This is a super random rant post, because this topic came to me out of nowhere.


I have always heard people saying that coffee is the best, coffee helps in pulling an all-night study session, etc. but for me, it is a nice hot cup of tea which helps me in staying refreshed.

When can I have a cup of tea? Well, any time, literally! The first thing that I need after I wake up is a cup of tea, and since then I can have it in small amounts numerous times in a day!

A cup of tea with a good novel is the best every combination for me, but apart from that tea is something you can get anywhere! For long hours of journey, in a train or a car, even if you don’t get food, you can always rely on tea, which even in small tea stalls along the roads, tastes just as heavenly as ever!

I haven’t been partial to any one type of tea, though I do need milk in my tea and at least a little sugar (no black tea or sugar-free tea for me :P) and I haven’t given green tea a try yet, but I would like to try all the several different types of tea out there in the world!

What’s your favourite beverage?


Random Rant : Degraded English!

First of all, I’m not trying to a grammar police or anything, but this post is about something that was irritating me for the past few days. My English is not the strongest but I am sure my basic English and Grammar is perfect, so when some one frames a very weird grammatical incorrect sentence, it irks me! I am not against SMS language but I am against incorrect sentence formation!

When should you use “said” and “told” in indirect speech?

These days my problem is people don’t seem to know that a word called “told” exists. I know I can’t expect people to be fluent in English like an Englishman, but when you have done your schooling in English and now are doing your post graduation, it is expected that your basic sentence formations are correct.

So when people try to speak English or chat in English, I have heard people say things like “He said me.” instead of “He told me.” or “He said me to go ” instead of “He asked/told me to go”.

Basically , “said” is used when you’re changing a statement in directed speech to indirect speech and it is usually followed by “that”.

“told” on the other hand is used when you change a request to indirect speech.

It is very irritating to read such sentences, though I know it is not a big thing but I feel tomorrow when we go out in the world to work and earn a spot, the most important thing that will matter is how you communicate. When English is considered to be a global language and you want to flaunt it, I think everyone should have a proper command over it.

What happens in India is, everyone tries to incorporate English words with their own mother tongue or with Hindi. The problem is, neither will your English improve nor will your mother tongue. I think every Indian should speak Hindi perfectly, should know their mother tongue properly (for me it is Marathi) and should be able to flaunt their English! 😀

This one more post in my Random Rant category, hope you like it! 😀