Exam and Movies!

Yesterday was a very hectic yet very well spent – type of a day.

What did I do ?

1. Java Exam :

I had my Java programming paper, which had made me extremely nervous (I have no idea why) and I was not at all looking forward to writing the paper. The exam wasn’t as bad as I thought but it wasn’t a perfect one either. I couldn’t write a code for a client server program which was for 10 marks 🙁 because I was running out of time and I just couldn’t code it. But overall, I think I’ll get an average score. On the bright side, this was my second last paper and as the next one is on Tuesday, I have got some relaxing time now!

2. Collecting the Result.

Two weeks before my exams began, we received the mark sheet of the 1st semester exam (how early, I know!). Now because I didn’t give one exam of that semester as I had Gone for ACM ICPC that one paper’s grade was marked as a FF (failed) grade in my result. The examination committee didn’t say when I would get my re-exam result and I thought I would again inquire about it on the day I would come for my first paper. On 21st April, on day of first paper I found out that the re-exam result collection dates had been put up as 16th and 17th of April! On top of that when I went to the exam section that day, the people there told me that the lady who is in charge of the MCA dept is on a leave for a week! This had got me super worried but I couldn’t do anything about it. Yesterday because I didn’t have to hurry home and start studying, I again went to check the status of the result. I got shocked that the lady told me that it was my fault I didn’t come to inquire before yesterday. I know I was wrong for not going on the dates specified, but if she was on leave, how was I supposed to keep inquiring?

Eventually she gave me my result and I was particularly assumed by the fact that, my friend (partner at ICPC) and I may have been the only students who gave a re-exam and came out to be the 2nd and 3rd toppers, resp., of the dept 😛

3. The Movie –  The Avengers : The Age of Ultron

I finally went to watch The Avengers. I had been wanting to watch it ever since I saw it’s trailer but because of the exams I couldn’t go in the week the movie released. Yesterday I got the perfect time to watch it and I was totally worth the wait. On top of that, the auditorium was 99% full of school and college going students which made the whole movie watching part even more lively and fun. The reactions from the crowd always brightens up the spirits of a patron in a movie theater, I feel!

I recommend this movie for everyone, even if you haven’t seen the first Avengers movie!

All in all this was a great day!


  1. I hope you get good results on your Java examinations. As long as you pass, I think that’s all it matters at this point. I know that’s how I felt towards the end of my academic careers!

    And yay for getting time to watch the movie. It’s not a film I’ll watch, but I’ve got a lot of friends who were looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Java is tough, so don’t feel too down about it. I’m learning jQuery at the moment and it’s so damn hard!

    Well done on your other results!

    I also went to see the new Avengers film. I didn’t think it was as good as the first one but it was still an enjoyable watch.

    • I tried learning jQuery about 6 months back but then I stopped for some reason. I want to learn it again now!

  3. I got to watch Avengers this past weekend. It was a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to the next Captain America movie. XD

    I hope you get good results on your Java paper too!

  4. Java sounds tough, I never really got around to learning it because I found it complicated. Haha! I hope you did well on your exam and congratulations on your other exam results 😀

    I loved Avengers! I am a big fan of Iron Man so <3

  5. The Avengers was good, but not like Mad Max. That one was my favorite through this year so far. I don’t know if anything could overtake it. But Java does sound tough. Woot. I have respect for you to learn it and get a good grade on your exam ^^

    I am a fan of Thor and Loki (naturally).


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