Goodbye 2016 … Welcome 2017!

Ah, 2016 flew past I feel. Constant work and something or the other exciting happening, 2016 was a fun year for me!

I would like to review all the good and somewhat bad stuff that happened this year, but it might be a long long post!

So how 2016 fared?

  • It started with me participating in IT Olympiad 2016 competition and reaching up to the finals and eventually becoming the runner up and winning a cash prize of Rs. 75000/-.
  • The start of 2016 also made me an aunt for the first time (yay).
  • I applied for JP Morgan’s  Code for Good contest somewhere in March and in mid – May I cracked the telephone interview for the contest.
  • I spend my 23rd birthday on 23rd July and the day following it in JP Morgan’s office for this contest and we developed an Android app for a NGO too.
  • Two weeks later I got a call for interview and on Aug 10, 2016 I got selected for the full-time Technology Analyst Program at JP Morgan. I was the first one in my class to be placed!
  • The same day when I got selected for JPMC I also gave the aptitude test for the 6 months internship program at Dell EMC and on the next day, despite my initial reluctance about working for a company outside Mumbai, I got selected post the aptitude for the interview rounds.
  • After a rigorous 5 interviews, they selected me as their only college student intern, not only from my college, but as I recently got to know, from the whole city of Mumbai. I dunno if I am really that smart as this looks 😛
  • In the mean time, my sister also scored 97% in her SSC board exams and got into the college of her choice, which was a proud moment for the family.
  • We even celebrated her achievement by finally visiting Barbeque Nation, one of the costly BBQ joints we have in the city.

    AT Barbeque Nation with family

  • I was a part of the placement committee so it was fun to interact with companies and even though there were many terrible moments in the process the result always made us smile over the efforts we put. About 48 out of 50 students from my class managed to get a good internship placement.
  • The 4th semester of college which ended in April was one of the toughest ones ever for me and the vacation after it was the last ever vacation I had in a relaxed way. I regret not sleeping enough at that point when I had the chance.
  • The 5th  semester however flew by so fast that I think before we knew it, it was already over. With placement activities along with the course work there hardly was any time to relax and when it did end, it felt me feeling a bit empty knowing that college life had ended!

    Class of MCA (2014 – 2017)

  • Time after Diwali was the most hurried one cuz we had our finals, after which i started packing for shifting to Pune. Since my internship started on 19th of Dec, I had about 15 days from when the internship ended to the time to move.
  • Shifting was one of the biggest highlight of the year and it happened right towards the end. Finding a new place, moving in with unknown people, managing your office life and getting along with roommates was all new for me. I am a very reclusive person at home, I don’t talk much, remain in my room and prefer being left alone. Now I have to share my room with someone, cook my own food (I have found a tiffin service for it right now :P), wash my clothes (or bring them to Mumbai every weekend so that I can wash it in the washing machine), and most importantly, wake up on my own.
  • Office life wasn’t a very daunting experience because I joined the office on 19th, after shifting to Pune on 18th (yeah, just a day prior), and after get inducted and finishing with the initial introductions, I was immediately told that my whole business unit was going on a day picnic to a place called Della Adventure Park in Lonavala in just two days. That proved to be the biggest ice breaker. I got properly introduced to everyone, mingled with them, did crazy stuff like Zip Line and Paintball, etc with them, even sang songs on the bus (which I am extremely conscious about).

    Della Adventure Park

  • I participated and won my two favourite events from my college’s fest Technovanza, which were called Technohunt and Code Swap, both in first place!
  • I did not complete my GoodReads challenge this year 🙁 Though I read some amazing books I managed to read just 45 books out of 52 🙁

What are my near future plans for 2017?

  • Perfect my web development skills because I am a front end developer intern!
  • Read 50 books this year.
  • Choose wisely between my two placement companies and two beloved cities.
  • Buy a bike.
  • Buy a new phone on my own.
  • Save at least Rs. 50000.
  • Lose at least 5 kg over the year and start hitting the gym as frequently as possible.

How was you 2016 and what do you see yourself doing in 2017?




  1. Happy new year! I think you have been so busy with school and study but it really paid off – being the only college student chosen is really an achievement. I do think it shows how smart you are, if not, at least how hardworking and dedicated you must be to be selected.

    I know the move was probably really hard for you but it sounds really exciting and I am sure while you might miss your family you will still be able to see them from time to time (at least you’re not in a whole other country or something!).

    You certainly read more books than me – it is sad to think that I used to love reading but now I just read blogs and articles about front-end. By the way, if you ever need some development newsletters to subscribe to, I have a huge list. So the amount of books you read was close to your goal but still very good! I can say I probably read zero books…?

    The Della Adventure Park looks really awesome and I can imagine participating in activities like that can be good icebreakers and a nice way of getting to know the people around you. I’m usually shy so that might have been good for me…

  2. You missed one thing though. You got your 16 GB back. Which possibly made you ecstatic.
    Hoping to see you more number of times this year, and making my 2017 awesome with more movies.

  3. Wow, you had an amazing year and did so many things. You should be so proud of everything you did. It’s also great news that your sister scored so high. I hope that 2017 will be a great year and you can be completely comfortable with your new living and working life. 😀

  4. It sounds like you had an amazing year! What was it like moving away for your internship? I’m planning to move to a different country next year for my Masters and work, and I don’t know what to expect. Do you have any tips?

    • wow new country! Sounds daunting! I think going to college in a new place is easier cuz you get more ppl to hangout with informally and get to know more people than when you go for work. I think you will completely enjoy your time there!

  5. Wow, you had a pretty busy year and achieved so many things in 2016. Congratulations! 🙂 I bet you’re really proud of all your achievements 😉

    Moving is always daunting since you need to make lots of adjustments – it will always be different from life at home – but once you’ve adjusted, it’s going to be a great experience. Plus, you will learn a lot about yourself too! Hope 2017 would be an even better year for you and good luck with all your endeavors!

  6. You had a busy year and a good one, too! I had a bad 2016 for the most part as I struggled to find myself among my mental illness but 2017 so far is good <3 I love it. Too many good things are happening this year.


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