Half-Girlfriend / Half-Boyfriend

It often is the situation that you have a friend, whom you consider very close to you, whom you trust completely, but with whom you are not committed. If the world asks you about your relationship with this person, you may not be able to put it in words, because that person is more than a friend but not really at the girlfriend or boyfriend stage.

I have seen this situation so many times. Two people talk to each other, spend most of the awaking time with each other, they even know that there is something more than just friendship between them, yet neither of them are ready to say the words and commit to their relationship.

So I’ll tell you a story of two people whom I would prefer not to name, and which falls in this category of Half girlfriend / Half boyfriend. They had been friends for ages and the world around them thought of them as a couple all the time. The guy was indifferent to the world’s teasing and jabs. The girl used to get frustrated over the people ruining the two of their relationship. She tried to fight with the world, trying to explain how they were friends and didn’t want others to misinterpret their relationship. Secretly even I believe that they knew they meant more to each other than they tried to portray. The girl was unsure of the whole commitment and knew she trusted the guy more than anyone else and trusted him to be there for her no matter what. The guy was ready to anything for the girl and even go against the world if he had to. Eventually the girl got over her insecurities and didn’t mind committing her relationship and I think that strengthened their bond too. So may be if taken in the right direction relationships that are more than friendship but less than a committed relationship can still work and bloom out in a great committed relationship. On the other hand it can also end peacefully without any burdens of broken promises and stuff because the relationship just did not work out.

Yes, if taken a lot of time to get over your inhibitions this can scar your friendships too if one of the two want some thing more out of the relationship. This is actually a complicated situation which is growing in more and more individuals’ lives, in my opinion.


Half Girlfriend is a movie that expresses this type of a relationship.

This is a post where I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend


  1. Thank you for sharing the trailer to the movie and your thoughts 🙂 I thought it was a really good trailer… definitely my kind of movie haha. I’m into romantic comedies and romantic dramas.

    The idea of a “half girlfriend” or a “half boyfriend” is strange, just speaking from the name – because no one would really want to be called that, like the character in the film. You’d want someone to be just a girlfriend or boyfriend. But I have definitely come across relationships (and even been in situations myself) where there must be something more than friends, lingering, but neither of the two parties are willing to step forward and ask if they are more than friends. It’s a sensitive issue and I think it’s much, much harder when the two people are already friends and share a strong friendship. I think that is where the notion of “ruining a friendship” comes from – people fear it will be awkward, right? They fear that trying to have a relationship will ruin the friendship. Often people are confused why people think this way, because why would you ruin a friendship with something better?

    It’s a different case if the feelings simply aren’t shared; I felt that in the trailer, Riya didn’t really like the guy so she didn’t want to be his girlfriend, but he was totally in love with her. When the feelings don’t line up, that’s usually what can cause issues. If that happens, sometimes I hope that people will be able to still be friends and put that behind them. It works out marvellously if the feelings are shared, though, I can speak from experience

    I would probably want to watch the movie at some point but I don’t know if it will be showing in Australia; I enjoy watching movies in languages other than English though

  2. I can see this happening quite a bit. Sadly it doesn’t always go as well as that one. But its great when it works and neither one is really hurt by whatever direction it goes.

  3. Plantonic friendships, I’ve been in her shoes. It can be tricky.

  4. The way you have described the concept and the root-theme of the movie is kind of brilliant. This phrase of being a half-something is intriguing itself, and with a description like that it becomes even more intriguing.


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