Hello 2016!

One day into the new year, I am a tad bit late in the “welcome 2016” posts!

I don’t really have a great new year celebration. This 31st Dec was no different. My dad brought dinner, my sister made some quick baking Oreo cake and we watched the year’s highlights till midnight. We wished each other, I took out my phone and WhatsApped everyone my wishes and went to sleep! It didn’t really feel like anything great or grand either. Maybe because unlike 2014, 2015 went by too quickly and in a very routine manner (home-college-home routine) and it hasn’t yet really sunk in that 2015 is now a past year! 



Resolutions? Nah! I am not very good at following my resolutions and especially those I make on first day of the years, just for the sake of making them!

I do have a few goals I wish to reach. I may not be able to achieve them all, but at least give it a try!

  • Giving priority to studies : Since this is officially my last year in college, I think it is needless to say that this is my last chance to prove myself. Also, the fact that I didn’t do so well in the last year, this is the last chance I truly have!
  • Get a Job : We will get our semester 6 internship and well as final job placements this year from the month of July. I really hope I get a decent job and get to do some good work in my field!
  • Become confident in driving a car : I love to drive, and I am confident in my two-wheeler driving, but I wish to be proficient in driving a car and convince my dad that I can drive!
  • Read at least 50 books : I barely managed to read 30 books last year, which is the lowest for me! I am going to give books more priority than some other things I have been giving importance too.
  • Become a minimalist : I have decided to declutter my life of unnecessary stuff. This is me taking some inspiration from Georgie and Holly! 😀 This includes trying to not do impulsive shopping!
  • Learn to independent : After quite a few bad experiences, I want to stop seeking approval for my actions, and learn to depend only on myself.
  • Reign in my temper : I don’t know when or how I’m going to master this, my I want to control my temper outbursts and not hurt others or myself because of it!

What are your goals for 2016?


  1. Hiii!

    I think I forgot to tweet you back! Oops! 😛 Nonetheless wish you a veeery Happy New Year! I didn’t do anything special as well, just spent a cozy day with my family. I don’t do well with resolutions either but I have the same no. 1 goal as you, to concentrate on my studies. I really need to do that because I have finals in March and I need to do well otherwise I won’t get my direct ticket to university. Gosh, thinking about it makes me so frightened! Hopefully we can both achieve this goal. And I definitely need tp maintain a perfect balance between reading and studying. Also I want to comment on more blogs and request less ARCs. Plus I want to start writing again. Sooo many goals… let’s see what happens.

    My recent post Monthly Wrap Up- December 2015 & 2016 Goals!

  2. Happy new year! 🙂

    I’m so glad that I’m getting (slowly but surely) back into blogging. I missed it so much while I was gone. I really want to start up other sites but I’m waiting until I can manage to keep my blog up-to-date before I go into bringing back Hostwish or anything else. 😛

    Yeah, I haven’t brought it up to my parents yet as I don’t want them to react badly but it is something I have to do. In fact, after taking a potty break as I am writing this comment I’ve decided that I am going to tell my mom tomorrow as my saying goes what my dad doesn’t know won’t hurt him. (he tends to overreact)

    Anyway, your list of things you are doing sounds exactly like the things I need to do excluding the get a job and reading books. 🙂 Good luck on your list! I hope you succeed!

    • All the best to you too Erin! I hope all goes well for u too!!

  3. I didn’t do much for new years myself. I wasn’t even conscious! I was tired and conked out. XD

    But you have some good goals! Some I would like to try myself. I didn’t read as much this year as I usually do, I need to control my temper better, and be more independent. Let’s all kick these goals butts!

  4. I spent New Year’s playing video games with my boyfriend at his parents’ house. We all ended up wishing each other a happy new year around one in the morning!

    I have a few goals for this year (wrote a blog post on them, actually!), but my main goal is to write more. I want to be able to get my writing into the publishing industry, and the only way to do that is to write!


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