Yes, Yes… Finally it’s my very own domain. The first one that I have bought!

This is the mandatory “Hello World!” post.

I have moved here from my old sub domain of two years : I am not starting for scratch here as such, I have imported all my old posts here which is because I loved my old site. Also, it is the main reason why I have chosen not to change the name of the site.

I was thinking of starting out all fresh, with a new name. but I took a few people’s opinion on it (Especially Anirudh, Riyal, Holly and Georgie) and I realized Dramatic Soul has become a part of me and I didn’t want to part with it. That is the reason the website continues to be by the name ofย Dramatic soul.

I was thinking of the name Folded Cornersย initially, which signified the dog-eared books (I try to avoid doing that to my books though). I was thinking of this name because I tend to rant a lot of books in my blogs. But then I didn’t want to limit my blogging topics to just books.

In any case, I love this domain and i am very much thankful to Kya @ for hosting me and NameCheap is an awesome website for registering a new website.

My old site now has only a static page informing about this new site.

I am currently working on a theme for this new site and I hope I can finish it as soon as possible.

All those who have linked on your link exchanges pages are requested to change their links to

I’ll blog more soon!