Thank you, Becca, for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It is the first time that I have been nominated for it I think. so yay!


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Becca asked :

If you could travel anywhere in the world for a month, where would you go?

It would be either a Europe trip or a trip to Australia. Or both! As long as I see all the beautiful places there.

What is your favorite book and why?

This is a question that should be never asked a book lover. But if I have to pick one, then I will always stick to the Harry Potter Series, because they were the first one’s, who made me fall in love with books!

What is your favorite Disney Princess (or lack thereof) and why?

Elsa! I dunno if she is an official Disney Princess, as of now or not, but of all the princesses, she is the only one who is actually independent and doesn’t rely on some prince dude to help her out!

Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Oh! I had an embarrassing as well as a horrifying moment on the first day of the new semester of college! It happened when I was trying to board a train yesterday, during the peak hours. Somebody stepped on my shoe (it was a belly shoe) and it came off while I was trying to climb and with a lot of rush behind me, I couldn’t do anything about it, apart from praying that I would get it eventually! i felt so weird standing in the train with just one shoe! Luckily I manage to hop out in time and I found that the shoe was still lying on the platform itself. If it had fallen on the tracks I might as well would have had to go back home and miss college on the very first day of the new semester!

Who is the biggest inspiration in your life?

My Mom! It will always be her, no matter what. I can argue with her all day and still she will be willing to lend an ear to all my problems and offer a very kindhearted solution to each and every thing!

If you had to pick just one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’ll go with lunch. Not having dinner or breakfast is sort of okay with me. But i need a good lunch, wherever it might be (home, college, etc.).

What is your favorite family tradition?

It will be the family get together that we tend to have at least once a year, with everyone including my uncles and grandparents!

If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, would you go back and do anything differently?

No, I don’t think I would. That’s because, even if there are regrets that I have in the past, I have overcome them. Going back and doing them differently may change the course of everything that is currently set right. For example, if i was told to go back and study for my engineering CET exam again, I may get a good seat in a nice college for engineering, but I will lose all the achievements I earned in BSc and MCA courses and I’ll lose the friends I have made here.

How would you define love?

Trusting someone with all your heart and not letting any misunderstandings ruin the trust you have. It doesn’t apply only to your partner, it can anyone from family members to friends.

If you were elected president, what is the first thing you would do?

I would prefer becoming the Prime Minister rather than President, here in India. The first thing would be making this awesome country totally safe for women.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

A Night Owl!

Now, I nominate Raisa, Sayli, HollyTara and Jamie.

My Questions to you all :

  1. What season do you prefer and why?
  2. Would you rather read a book or watch the movie that is adapted from that book? Why?
  3. Which is your favourite Pokemon and why?
  4. Which is the place where you would like to settle down in future?
  5. Which zodiac sign are you?
  6. If you could become an anime character for a day which one would you choose?  Why?
  7. Spicy food or Desserts?
  8. Which is the one cuisine that you haven’t tried?
  9. What’s your favourite sport and have you played it?
  10. Which Harry Potter character describes you the best? Or you dislike the series? Why?
  11. If Aladdin’s genie visited you and offered three wishes, what would you wish for?

Other readers and answer their questions of choice in the comments!