I have written a few MIAN posts in the past. I have decided to consistently write at least these posts each month, to show that I am still alive :P!

How was this Month : Bad, with a few highlights here and there!

The new year began and so did my college term. This is one of the most demanding terms I have ever faced. Reasons :

  • We have some subjects which are very interesting to study but are extremely vast with very demanding set of practical assignments.
  • I am working on 3 projects of which 2 are about to get over but still require a lot of attention and time.

What were the highlights of this month :

Even though I’ll crib all day about how bad every thing was, there were sure some highlights that I have to mention.

  • 4th of January : Celebrating Anirudh’s birthday after college hours was a real fun thing and I think we had a great time together (after a long time)!
  • 9th January : Attended the Launch Event of Project Deep Blue by Mastek and my team (Riyal and Anirudh) and I got selected as the finalists in the project competition.
  • 15 – 18th January : A complete gastronomically delightful experience every day : Visited the CKP Food Fest, went to Ghatkopar’s famous Dosa wala and even had an impromptu treat of coffee during a Mastek meeting with our mentor!
  • Sort of reached to an end of a project we are doing for IBM, which has been going on for almost an year now!

Why was it bad :

Like always I am neck deep in work (College, studies, assignments and projects) and there is absolutely no time for my personal projects (blogging regularly, designing the layout and so much more!). I hardly get time to sleep and because of that half of my day in the train and college goes in fighting bouts of sleepiness.

The weekends are equally bad. I decided to study for the exams that are beginning from the next Monday, but I landed up working on one of the two ongoing projects.

On top of all that I have been in am emotional roller coaster for the past three weeks. At one moment I am high with happiness and the next I am down in the dumps. There have been arguments and misunderstandings and everything else and it is just emotionally draining me out! I am sure things will get better soon or least I can hope so.

What am I looking forward to in February 2016 :

EXAMS! Also, my sister’s school farewell and my mother’s b’day 😀

How was your January and what are you looking forward in the next month?