Month in a Nutshell – January 2016

I have written a few MIAN posts in the past. I have decided to consistently write at least these posts each month, to show that I am still alive :P!

How was this Month : Bad, with a few highlights here and there!

The new year began and so did my college term. This is one of the most demanding terms I have ever faced. Reasons :

  • We have some subjects which are very interesting to study but are extremely vast with very demanding set of practical assignments.
  • I am working on 3 projects of which 2 are about to get over but still require a lot of attention and time.

What were the highlights of this month :

Even though I’ll crib all day about how bad every thing was, there were sure some highlights that I have to mention.

  • 4th of January : Celebrating Anirudh’s birthday after college hours was a real fun thing and I think we had a great time together (after a long time)!
  • 9th January : Attended the Launch Event of Project Deep Blue by Mastek and my team (Riyal and Anirudh) and I got selected as the finalists in the project competition.
  • 15 – 18th January : A complete gastronomically delightful experience every day : Visited the CKP Food Fest, went to Ghatkopar’s famous Dosa wala and even had an impromptu treat of coffee during a Mastek meeting with our mentor!
  • Sort of reached to an end of a project we are doing for IBM, which has been going on for almost an year now!

Why was it bad :

Like always I am neck deep in work (College, studies, assignments and projects) and there is absolutely no time for my personal projects (blogging regularly, designing the layout and so much more!). I hardly get time to sleep and because of that half of my day in the train and college goes in fighting bouts of sleepiness.

The weekends are equally bad. I decided to study for the exams that are beginning from the next Monday, but I landed up working on one of the two ongoing projects.

On top of all that I have been in am emotional roller coaster for the past three weeks. At one moment I am high with happiness and the next I am down in the dumps. There have been arguments and misunderstandings and everything else and it is just emotionally draining me out! I am sure things will get better soon or least I can hope so.

What am I looking forward to in February 2016 :

EXAMS! Also, my sister’s school farewell and my mother’s b’day 😀

How was your January and what are you looking forward in the next month?



  1. I’m sorry this month hasn’t been the best for you. 🙁 I hope that you can find a bit of a break so you can get some sleep! But think how all the studying and working hard on your projects will pay off in the end! Keep going girl! You got this! Best of luck on your exams, but I don’t think you’ll need it with all the studying you’re doing!

    I hope February is more relaxing for you!

  2. I am glad you have some things to look forward to in February, and I’m sorry that January was a challenge for you. It was good that you focused on the good things that happened – especially being a finalist in that competition. I know it was well deserved. 🙂

    Sometimes misunderstandings can really cause grief, especially if there are other minor problems that add up. I hope they got cleared up and don’t continue to bring you down. Emotional stress can be hard to deal with especially when we have lots on our plates already.

    I like that you to MIAN – I love reading people’s monthly reviews, I renamed my own one to ‘Achievement Unlocked’ – no matter how we all do it, it’s nice to reflect on the positives of the month gone by. 🙂

  3. Hope things perk up soon! But, you know, despite the setbacks, you’ve achieved a lot. Focus on that. Hopefully those projects will be annihilated soon and then you can look forward to February.

    The food festival sounds amazing! I’m so hungry at the moment, eep.

    Take care!

  4. I hate it when school is so manic that I don’t have time for anything but school. Its like how am I supposed to find time to relax and be me and not be studying, just for five minutes.

    I hope things calm down for you after your exams and that FEbruary is a better month! 🙂

  5. That is a poop that things have started off a bit badly with everything being so busy and that it has been all kinds of emotions. I hope that February has been a bit kinder to you. <3

  6. I’m sorry it didn’t look that positive for you to start with, but things happen and you have to always go through these tough times! It’s just part of life. Good luck with your exams! I think January is the busiest times for students and just people in general! It’s where EVERYTHING happens.

  7. I’m sorry that things haven’t looked up for you in the past month, however, it is how you perceive life. If you feel that it is constantly going to be bad, than it will. Also, losing sleep and not being able to do some things that you once were able to do because of college, which is only a few years of your life, will be well worth it in the end when you have graduated and have your diploma on your wall or desk. Don’t take it so hard. You got this. You are a brave girl.

  8. Sounds like a rather stressful month though you had some nice highlights in it. 🙂

    I hope this month is a bit better though exams can be stressful too. Anyway, good luck!


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