How the past month fared:

March was a super busy month. I was the last month for Project Deep Blue by Mastek, so I was constantly juggling between college work and project work.

Also, since March was the last month of the semester too (my term ended on April 7), there were many assignments and work piled up along with a mid-term exam.

I did take some time off to go on a shopping haul at Colaba Causeway in Mumbai, which is basically a street full of thrift shops and stalls.

I also watched Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice, which I really liked!

Since I had won the first runner up prize of IT Olympiad, which I mentioned in the last post, I treated my friends to a small party at my favourite restuarant, Gurukripa. It was my group’s first official outing somewhere (we usually stick to the canteen for treats :P)

I took Anirudh for a treat at a popular Rajasthani Thali restaurant called Rajdhani. we even watched a movie, Neerja, before lunch, which is a agian a great movie.

The last few days on March upto 8th of April went in a rigorous preparation of the final demonstration of of our app for Project Deep Blue. My team (riyal, Anirudh and I) pulled off many all-nighters for this too!

All in all it was a very heavy and busy month.

Expectations from April :

Well, the fact that I am writing this post in mid of April should be an indicator of how busy things are right now.

Till last Saturday I had to work on the project I mentioned above.

Tuesday and Wednesday (12th and 13th April) went in college viva and practical exam. The third viva is on the coming Monday.

Then from 20th of April, my final semester end exams are beginning which will go on till 2nd of May (there goes my April :P)

One little highlight of the month is 23rd of April, which is my younger sister’s birthday. So along with studies, I am preparing for her birthday too! 😀

Here’s a group picture of the Mastek final presentation. These are all the teams that participated from my college, VJTI and 8 teams were from my department MCA!