octOctober was one of the most hectic months of this year, I think, where I was actually busy every single day of the month!

October began with me getting few papers of the In-semester exam that happened from 28th to 30th September (not a good way for a month to begin). There was just a gap of 3 odd weeks before the final exams or the End-semester examination (again not a good thing).

Well, in this short time, we had our remaining lectures, lab work completion (which was somewhat untouched) plus a lot of submissions. It was as stressful as it sounds.

Even though we were juggling through this work, we managed to get a small change in the form of a seminar on Big Data which was happening in another institute in Mumbai, on 9th of October. Now though it feels like something again work related, it was a nice change to the everyday routine we were going through. I haven’t really gone anywhere with my college gang of friends mainly because we stay at places too far away with the college being the only midpoint. So going out somewhere for any reason felt really good!

VJTI group in VESIT

VJTI group in VESIT

The two weeks that followed this event were a big blur with many things happening in college front as well in the family front. My first cousin who lives in the States had come to India first time after his marriage. Since he got married abroad, we couldn’t attend it and I hadn’t met my sister-in-law either. So my aunt had organized a small get together lunch on a Sunday. It was one well spent day, though my mom and sister couldn’t attend it because of my sister’s upcoming exams and because of the fact that she is in her 10th standard now and has Boards exams this year, which are a crucial milestone! All in all, it was a good weekend.

Till 23rd of October we were all only working on our different projects, especially on the DBMS database that we had to make. This had its effect on the ESE studies for the papers starting from 26th of October! 🙁

So how I managed to show my database to the professor just in the nick of time, about 15 minutes before the day ended on the every last day of the semester. But thanks to all that I was hardly prepared for the finals, and because of that almost all of my papers of the finals were average, with me not hoping for a decent score or a score that I know I am capable of!

The finals were a whole different story. Not only were they terrible but they were not the only thing I was concentrating on either! Like last year, this year too, we participated in the ACM ICPC online contests. Now last year, we had managed to get past the first round and go and compete in the regionals. This time, though we managed at least one submission out of the 5 problems, by a single minute we lost to the top team from our college, which was a big disappointment. That and also the fact that we had solved two more but none of them were accepted by the online judge. Also, these contests were right in between the finals, one being on 28th (we had a paper in the morning of 28th too) and other on 31st.

All in all October wasn’t a happy month for me, but it did have a few highlights here and there :D!