This is a summary of how May was for me. I’ll make it a regular segment for each month.
Highlights of May 2015 :

  • My second semester of MCA came to an end on 6th of May.
  • I came fourth in my class in the 2nd semester
  • I bought my first laptop on 18th of May


  • I joined a gym! (Never thought I would!)
  • I bought my domain (this one) on 26th of May
  • I went on a day trip to Marine Drive on one odd day. It was a total random trip 😀


  • We had a small family get together on 31st May
  • I finished reading Wedding Night – Sophie Kinsella and I’ll review it soon!

Ok this is a small post, with just the highlights of all that happened last month.

I am sorry I couldn’t participate in the Monthly Linkup this month but I will surely participate next month!

What were your highlights of the last month?

BTW this is my first post in the NaBloPoMo June 2015 Challenge. (The badge is displayed) You people can also join in before 5th of June NaBloPoMo June 2015

That’s all for now. See you tomorrow night with a new one!