My 2012 (Part I)

Now that 2012 is coming to an end, most of the bloggers are blogging about how their year was… But I thought, I’ll summarize my year in parts. It was a very eventful (literary) year for me.

I think  most of you know that I like to read, and I read a lot! But this year I think I read even more than usual. I joined Vault of Books as a Guest Reviewer in March and though I’ve reviewed only 13 books till now (you can view the list here), I got to know a lot of books and I’ve read about 40 books this year. I had even joined the goodreads‘ 2012 Reading Challenge, where I had challenged myself of reading 25 books in this year. I completed that challenge in November.

One thing that I’ve noticed, this year I read too many books of the paranormal category or the second category was chick-lit. I’ve decided that from now on I’ll try to read books of different categories as well.

The following are the books that I read this year :

  1. The Mediator Series:
    1. The Shadowland – Meg Cabot
    2. Ninth Key – Meg Cabot
    3. Reunion – Meg Cabot
    4. Darkest Hour – Meg Cabot
    5. Haunted – Meg Cabot
    6. Twilight- Meg Cabot
  2. All – American Girl – Meg Cabot
  3. Ready or Not : An All – American Girl Novel – Meg Cabot
  4. Avalon High – Meg Cabot
  5. When Lightening Strikes – Meg Cabot
  6. Nicola and the Viscount – Meg Cabot
  7. Victoria and the Rogue – Meg Cabot
  8. The Guy Next Door- Meg Cabot
  9. Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead
  10. Frostbite – Richelle Mead
  11. Shadow Kiss – Richelle Mead
  12. Blood Promise – Richelle Mead
  13. Spirit Bound – Richelle Mead
  14. Last Sacrifice – Richelle Mead
  15. 13 to Life – Shannon Delany
  16. Shadows and Secrets – Shannon Delany
  17. Bargains and Betrayals – Shannon Delany
  18. Switched – Amanda Hocking
  19. Torn – Amanda Hocking
  20. Immortals of Meluha – Amish Tripathi
  21. The Secrets of The Nagas – Amish Tripathi
  22. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams
  23. Evermore : The Immortals – Alyson Noël
  24. Blue Moon – Alyson Noël
  25. Shadowland – Alyson Noël
  26. Dark Flame – Alyson Noël
  27. Night Star – Alyson Noël
  28. Everlasting – Alyson Noël
  29. Mini Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella
  30. Can You Keep A Secret? – Sophie Kinsella
  31. The Undomestic Goddess – Sophie Kinsella
  32. I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella
  33. Dark Night – Jeyn Roberts
  34. And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie
  35. The Devil Wears Prada – Lauren Weisberger
  36. Heidi – Johanna Spyri


I guess these are at least most of the books I read this year, I can’t remember now…
Well, as far as book are concerned, I’m currently reading 3 books and thanks to my friends Michelle and Georgie for suggesting some great books that have been added to my To-Be Read books,. I’m just dying to read them…


I’ll continue this blog in my later posts!

Tchao! 😀 😀




  1. Wow you read alot of books! That’s about three a month! I read slow but I do enjoy reading a book so now and then. But not as much books as you! However, I’m going to try to read 20 books in 2013 😀

    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  2. Ooh, you’ve read quite a few this year and you beat me! I managed to read 38 books this year which is a lot better than last year. I can see that you like to read books by the same author – which I do too, usually. Though the only authors I really know on the list are Meg Cabot and I haven’t read much of her books.

    • 38 is just great, Becca!

  3. That’s a lot of books. I love to read but sometimes, I take a break from reading to focus on my studies. Right now, I stopped reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson because 1. It was too gay and; 2. I got a new phone. The eBook file was in my old phone and I was not able to save that.

    Anyway, Happy New Year! 🙂

  4. Wow. I miss being able to read that much, but it’s great that you do read as much as you do. A lot of people don’t read at all and that’s so sad. I hope you

  5. I need to read more in the coming year. That’s a lot of books for sure, but it looks like you had fun.

    • Yep I did! It’s always fun reading!

  6. Wow, you read a lot in one year! I haven’t heard of most of those titles either! I wish I still read that much, but I often don’t make time for it like I should. Right now I’m mainly reading programming books or graphic novels. Have a happy new year!

    • Haha… Me into programming books too… but I’m not a fast reader there… cuz in programming I’ve to study every thing properly for my college studies!

  7. Woah! That’s a lot of books! I am really into reading books but only when I’m bored 🙁 Often I can only read at least 1 book in one summer, I’m a fast reader but I’m always asked to do a lot of things or sometimes I’m out shopping or doing errands >_< .

    I wish I could read as much books as you do 😀 I'll try to read a lot of books this year. Aha.

  8. Wow, I envy you for having the luxury of time to read those books this year! I’ve been such a big fan of reading adventure books, specifically the Clockwork series but haven’t much time to catch up due to school.

    Cheers and happy new year!

    • Nah, i don’t really have the luxury of time. It’s just that I’ve to commute everyday to college by train, so I get about 2 hours to read and then the time before going to bed and all. I’m almost an insomniac person!

  9. Wow, so many books o_o; I’m a picky reader so I can’t read so many books as you did xD

    Happy new year! ^_^

    • Even I’m a picky reader… I can’t read almost every book in the world…that’s why almost all the books that I read in 2012 were paranormal books! I can’t digest philosophical or non-fictional books!

  10. Wow you’ve read loads of books! I’m actually in the middle of reading Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella – I lovee her books! I actually need to make more of an effort to read more often as I really don’t read as much as I should/used to. I can use the excuse of noth ‘having time’, but I don’t think that’s a valid excuse haha, there’s always time to read. 😛 Anyhow, happy new year!

  11. 13 books is more than I’ve read all year in 2012. I am the world’s slowest reader. Now that I have my Kindle I should be more inclined to read. It means I can read anywhere as it fits nicely in my bag.

    Happy new year. 🙂

    • It doesn’t really matter how fast you read. You must enjoy what you read!

  12. Happy New Year! 🙂
    Oh my goodness, this is incredible. I’m not much of a reader at all. I’ve always tried to get into leisure reading, but for some reason I just can’t do it. I feel like a weird person.. since most people love to read hahaha. I haven’t even read close to as many as you!
    What was your favourite?

    • My favourite among the above ones or just in general? Well from the above ones I love The mediator Series by Meg Cabot the most and in general my all time favourite book/books will always be the Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowling!

  13. wowie!!!! I always desired reading the Richard mead books…I love paranormal and mysteries…those are my categories….! I’d love getting a hold on these books…I’ve heard most of the titles and sorry I detest Meg Cabbot books, I judged her just by one of her books(shouldn’t have…nevertheless not my cup of tea)..otherwise a nice list up there!:)

  14. The only book I read on your list was Avalon High. Tells me I need to read more. But I really liked the book. Thought Disney pretty much ruined the movie though.

    Happy New Year. I hope you have a great literary one.

    • Gee my worthless account signed me in and didn’t leave my name or url. This is Cami @ openwings

  15. I love Meg Cabot books! I’ve read a lot of them to the point that they’re now all in jumble in my head. Haha. My favorite so far was the.. Uh..ghost boyfriend? It’s the Mediator series right? It’s been a long time and I’m not so sure anymore.

    If ever you’re in for a more complex reading, Dan Brown’s books are really great. 🙂 Neil Gaiman have pretty neat books too. 🙂

    I only got the chance to read 5 books this 2012. I promise myself I’m gonna read more this year. I’m starting with Meg Cabot’s Abandon. 🙂

    • I love the Mediator series too!
      I’ve read all the books of Dan Brown! Lolz! He is one of my most favourite authors and The Da Vinci Code is my favourite!

  16. Hey Bhairavi! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to drop by but it’s good to see you’re still blogging after died. I’m glad you took to reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! If you liked it I recommend reading the other books in the series, they’re just as zany and fun.

    The last thing I read by Meg Cabot was the Princess Diaries series – I’m way out of the loop. If you feel up for it, read some books by Bryce Courtenay. He’s an Australian author who recently passed away and I think I might have told you about him; he’s my favourite author. He writes books that tell coming-of-age stories… they’re long, but really good. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your 2012 part 2! Also I’m really digging the theme you chose for your blog. So lovely!


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