Practicals, projects and More…!

The last 3 weeks have been the most hectic days ever. I was busy with my project sometimes at such an extent that I didn’t get time to even sleep at night.  As I must have mentioned earlier, it was a group project which I was doing with my best Friend, Anirudh, and it was for my college. We spent so much time working on it, not only in college but sometimes also at our homes together. It was absolutely tiring and we didn’t even have the time to touch our theory studies.

Today, I had my project presentation, and honestly, it was a disappointment for me…

The examiner had no interest in what I was trying to explain to her. She hardly saw two of my forms. I got so irritated! There were at least 80 forms in my website. All of them designed so meticulously so that we shouldn’t miss a single validation… but the examiner didn’t even glance at it. I felt really bad. as if all this work n efforts that I put in this project were not worth it!

In my opinion,when a person is appointed as a project examiner, he should take interest in what the person has done and should ask them proper questions, so that the student also feels better. 🙁

Now, I’m done with my practical exams (I had my Java and Linux practical exam yesterday, and it was a very easy exam) and I have two very important weeks to look forward to, because of the following things :

  • MCA entrance for Pune University on 23rd March.
  • MCA entrance for the state of Maharashtra on 30th March.
  • University theory exam from 1st of April.

That’s all for now, people. I’ll blog more soon!



  1. Wow. I am really sorry to hear that the examiner was so rude and didn’t even look at those things. 🙁 It does hurt when you work hard on something and meet specific requirements and they are just ignored. 🙁

    • I know! It’s more irritating than sad… and now I feel bad for myself cuz I spent so much time on it n have no time left for studies!

  2. At least you got to do your project with a friend. I’ve recently been doing a group project but I have been working with people I don’t know very well, and it’s been a nightmare!

    That examiner shouldn’t be an examiner if they can’t do their job properly. We were told at school that if we did an essay question in the exam and the examiner was bored they’d probably just give us a rubbish mark. It’s so unfair.

  3. Yes, I was lucky to get my friend as a partner… It’s nice to work with people you know..!


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