There are so many people who use spectacles and have a number which does not let them part with their glasses no matter what. Though everyone gets used to it and specs are not that bad to use either, they become very cumbersome at times. I have been using specs for almost since my 13th birthday (approximately for 9 years) and I have faced many difficult situations because of my spectacles which I am listing below :


1. Going outside in  rain :

The worst thing that happens to me when I walk in the rain is getting my specs all wet in the rain. No matter what I do, I cannot successfully walking in the rain without ruining my glasses.

2. Make up for eyes :

When I am going for a party, I usually like to focus more on my eyes while getting ready (i really do love my eyes :P) but eventually what ever I have done to my eyes gets hidden behind my specs!

3. Commuting in a crowded train :

I hate getting into crowded trains and if I know the train would be crowded I mostly try to keep my specs in my bag, but there are times when I get into an empty or nearly empty train and then it gets all crowded at the later stations and then I have this constant fear that people will knock my glasses off with their elbows!

4. Wearing shades :

I don’t wear shades. Period. I cannot. There is no sense buying sun glasses when I know i cannot see properly through them. There is an option to get the shades specifically for my eye number, but then it again doesn’t make sense to remove my spectacles, keep them in the bag and then wear the shades just to look super cool! 🙁

5. Touching the glass by mistake and making it dirty and smudged. 

I tend to do this a lot of times, anywhere I am and i keeps getting dirty after every few minutes of washing and cleaning them!


Some solutions that I came up with this problem are :

Not wearing specs in rain – on the downside, it is difficult to see and then it can give me headaches!

Not wearing specs at parties- same problem as the above one!

Solution to shades is, I have got my specs which photo-chromatic lenses, the ones that turn dark in the sunlight. It does help against the bright sunlight. I have also got my glasses tinted so as to protect my eyes while working on the PC. – problem : it makes me look weird, just a little bit! 😛


I finally came up with the solution for wearing contact lenses. It is not the ideal solution, but it does help me a lot. I will be blogging more on contact lenses in the subsequent posts, so look out if you are debating over spectacles and lenses 😀

So, do you wear spectacles? What problems to do face?