Here are two books I finally read recently: The Dominion and The Slip of Me. I received them in exchange of an honest review long back in April or May, but with my ever increasing pile of work, I couldn’t find time to sit and write the review 🙁 Here is a quick review of what I thought about the books:

The Dominion by Adarsh Ramesh

Grade : B+

Blurb :

As the beating on the door at Senator Vaughn Fletcher’s chamber intensifies, as the deafening, frightening noise of the law enforcement agents converging on all fours escalates, an unforgiving voice commands Nahiossi Griffiths to make an escape from the gory scene of murder and fly down to Amsterdam. However, oddly the Vice President of the United States, Jamie Edwards, is seemingly volunteering to fly with Nahiossi at La Guardia.
In the midst of a secluded mountain in Berghof, a warrior of the past who proclaims himself as The Führer, forges new alliances and nurtures a legion, of which the ignorant leaders of our structured world are either a part of or the sorry subjects of precariously crafted tweaks in the fabric of their debauched world that impels a gushing wave of chaos.

A government parallel to the White House, born out of hypocrisy and composed of so-called vindictive idealists has allied with the formidable Mafioso to enforce order within and beyond the frail borders that most unfortunately divide the citizens of the world. As their leader, the Wolf howls, his loyal pups unearth the buried, recover the hidden and right the wrongs.

When PiCorp intervenes into the case of Nahiossi Griffiths, the investigation deepens, hidden facts from the past are exhumed and minions from all fronts converge to fight the battle of the unforgiving and the unfathomable.

A blend of action, romance, war, vengeance, lust and a battle for power, this book will take you to the epicenter of what the world might turn into if all hell broke loose. Are you ready to plunge into it?

Review :


The story revolves around 4 friends viz Vikram, Raghu, Joe & Niharika. Vikram bumps into Jessica & love happens. Jessica is notoriously famous for having involved in too many relationships in the past.

Soon after spending good time with Vikram, Jessica break-ups with him.

The story brings out in a beautiful manner how after a break-up there may remain a longing for reunion.

Or in this case is this longing instant?

Will Jessica & Vikram shall reunite? Will the efforts made by Vikram’s friends will bring the two souls together? Or will the efforts of friends shall go in vain?
Or Vikram will find the love where it exists?


This is a book based romance in teenagers (not exactly Young Adult material though). As the blurb says, it is a story of how a break up leaves a yearning for a meeting with the girl the protagonist loved for one last time. The protagonist Vikram, who is portrayed as a shy and silent character, falls in love with Jessica, who is his Chemistry tuition teacher’s daughter. It portrays friendship and love and how it is interconnected. A simply written book with nice narrations that help in finishing the book quickly and leaves you with a smile.

I would recommend this book for romance lovers. It’s a nice contemporary novel.

Disclaimer : I received these book free from the publisher, LeadStart Media in exchange of an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.