Random Rant : Short-temper!

I have decided to have a new section on my blog, Random Rant, where I will rant on some random topic, once a week (obvious isn’t it?)! 😀

I have a weakness, I admit it, I am an extremely short-tempered person. How much ever I deny, it is true.

The thing is, it’s not like I haven’t tried to overcome this weakness. I really try hard to control it. But that results in me venting out my anger on someone else, instead of the culprit himself… Now there are about 10 reasons that can get me angry which I can list down starting from what angers me the most.

  1. someone hurts people close to me verbally for physically.
  2. someone I do not know insults me.
  3. my decisions about myself are questioned.
  4. someone underestimates me
  5. someone tags me as “STUDIOUS”
  6. someone I hate insults me
  7. someone insults Harry Potter 😛
  8. someone I love picks on me
  9. my beliefs are questioned
  10. I am rudely woken up (never do that :P)

Ok, I know I should control myself and all, but it’s not always possible! I even tried the old count from 10-1 trick. Nothing works.

The thing is, when I lose my temper, I don’t injure the one who angered me. All I can do is try to relax and get away before the situation worsen. But if I can’t, I start talking and well words hurt more than actions, don’t they? That exactly is what happens with me! I say things I never mean. 90% of the stuff I don’t mean, but when I am angry and I start talking, I talk rubbish!

But this does a lot of damage and scares people away from me (not a good thing!), so now I try to control this really hard. I shut up when I get angry. I keep quiet, not uttering the word, till the offender goes away. This works fine in most cases, except the first one. If the offender doesn’t go away, I walk away. Talking and resolving things, or pointing out where someone is wrong, isn’t the best things to do when you are terribly hot headed.

Even though this is fine, I really wanna get over my temper issues. It’s not bad to be angry but me being angry on small things is a bad thing. One thing that is a huge remedy to my short tempered nature is books. I don’t know how but my dear novels (Yes, Harry Potter too), help me a lot to stay calm! I guess I’ll have to improve my self control a lot and use my temper for better stuff… because I have noticed that if I channelized my temper into my work, I work a lot faster! 😀 So I guess I can control it that way!

Got any suggestions for me?



  1. I think this is a really great idea, especially if you are the type of person (like I am) that tend to hold it in then lash out at the wrong person when something angers you.

    This should give you a way to vent at no one in particular and not anger someone close to you. I have to say I am really intrigued by the idea.

  2. Ya ttue that suggestions wud be. Lemme guess yup got one
    1. Alwaz wen u r angry think of the most beloved person in ur life and that might help reduce ur anger and wen thats done,well think of the person who hurt u. Think whthr that person really meant those wrds? You will get ur ans. That is what works for me as i dont get angry vry often but wen i get i go into this shell of mine think of wat happened and then revert back if anything i dont find relevant.

    • Thanks for the cool suggestion Suraj. Will try to implement it! You had a great experience of my temper, right?

    • Suraj, I have never seen you getting angry and neither can I imagine you being so.
      Now I know why… 😛
      Great suggestion. (Y) 😀

  3. I am also really sensitive and thus short-tempered. Little things that people say can get me upset really easily. For example, someone will tag you as “studious” – I get the same when people say I’m short. I’m fine with my height and have become used to being short for a while now… but it can make me a bit angry if it sounds like teasing.

    When people diss books or movies that I like, I feel embarrassed and because they disagree with me, it makes me upset. A lot of the time I get told “don’t take it personally” but I think that is exactly what I am doing. I have to admit I have been like this for a while, and I have a feeling that for you as well, it’s not just about being short tempered, but it’s about those things making you angry also being things that make you upset and sound like the other person is picking on you or laughing at you.

    To be honest, I have found it very difficult to deal with. Most people will be cooperative and apologise, but you need to tell them that they hurt your feelings, without making a big deal out of it. You’ve already acknowledged that you’re short tempered and that’s a start. 🙂 You’re probably really apologetic about it and know it can alarm people – I am the same. Therefore, you can probably just let people know that something upset you, without being a drama queen about it (that is the last thing you wanna do!). Sometimes I say “I found that quite offensive…” or “I would prefer you don’t say that / don’t say that again, I know it sounds silly but it makes me upset”. “I would rather talk about something else if that is OK”. You know, you don’t have to even explain that it makes you upset. Most people will get the point. Some people will continue to poke at your short temper or annoyance, and that’s the time to ignore the person and just leave the conversation or walk away.

    If it’s too hard for you, sometimes you just have to keep your cool and speak firmly to the person who offended you. It will save you from keeping your cool but getting angry at someone else instead.

    I hope that helps, you’re not alone, it’s not good to be angry so I hope you can work on it too.

    • You are right Georgie, what I need to learn is to tell the person that he/she has offended me right then and there instead of keeping quiet… it will resolve a lot of things, I guess! 😀

  4. “When angry, count four. When very angry, swear.”
    ― Mark Twain

    I for one, always agree with this Twain Tweak… (Y) 😀
    But then again, usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change. (Malcolm X)

    Don’t think about it too much. If you get angry often, it simply means you are a girl with strong beliefs and values. And you can’t stand them being belittled. Well… No one should. 😉

  5. According to me as i have always told u if a person offends u let him know what he did (swear,hit do whatever u want)
    Just make him/her know what they did then and there.
    And according to me keeping quiet is the worst thing to do. U will hurt urself more.

    So just vent it out on the offender(hope these words dont come back to me).

      • Do whatever u want.
        Take any of the above measures.
        Ppl have given some great suggestions.
        But don’t go out of the way and change urself in the process.
        Be as u are.

  6. Nobody is perfect, getting angry is good sign to me, it show that there is a hot little fire ball inside rather than just been freezing and freezed


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