Random Rant : Why I love Tea

This is a super random rant post, because this topic came to me out of nowhere.


I have always heard people saying that coffee is the best, coffee helps in pulling an all-night study session, etc. but for me, it is a nice hot cup of tea which helps me in staying refreshed.

When can I have a cup of tea? Well, any time, literally! The first thing that I need after I wake up is a cup of tea, and since then I can have it in small amounts numerous times in a day!

A cup of tea with a good novel is the best every combination for me, but apart from that tea is something you can get anywhere! For long hours of journey, in a train or a car, even if you don’t get food, you can always rely on tea, which even in small tea stalls along the roads, tastes just as heavenly as ever!

I haven’t been partial to any one type of tea, though I do need milk in my tea and at least a little sugar (no black tea or sugar-free tea for me :P) and I haven’t given green tea a try yet, but I would like to try all the several different types of tea out there in the world!

What’s your favourite beverage?



  1. I love tea! Well, coffee too. 🙂 There’s something special about the two of them. Tea suits any situation really. Coffee gives you energy and you can do lots of variations with it, different flavours, etc. In Sweden the default thing is filter coffee though, which is so gross, I never liked coffee until I came to Italy and had real coffee. I still don’t understand how the norm can be filter coffee. I feel right at home when we come to Italy. The land where you can get real coffee anywhere. 🙂

    • In India, filter coffee is quite famous in South India. I actually like it….. but in general, I prefer a cold coffee to a boiling hot cup of coffee! I would love to taste an Italian coffee now! 😀

      • Oh yes, you definitely should try some!!

  2. Tea is the best! I like coffee too but I’m caffeine intolerant which is very frustrating. I have to have everything decaf.

  3. I don’t have a specific favorite, but I know coffee isn’t the answer for me unless I’m having constipation. We must admit that it’s a good laxative. I’d prefer tea over coffee any day. Even lighter ones like chai latte would be good. Though not my favorite, I prefer that over coffee. 😛

  4. I’m so bad, but I love soda, especially coke, though I know that is bad for me. XD I guess I like having a one vice in my life besides candy, you know?


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