Recipe : Oreo Shake


This is a super duper simple recipe for all the Oreo fans out there.

Ingredients :

1 and 1/2 scope : Vanilla or Chocolate icecream
5 – 7 : Oreo biscuits (crumbled)
1/2 cup : milk
1 tsp : drinking chocolate powder (optional)
3-4 : crushed ice cubes

Recipe :

1. In a blender or a mixer, add the icecream,ice cubes, Oreos and chocolate powder
2. Blend it a bit, till the icecream is properly mixed with the biscuits crumb.
3. Add the milk to smooth out the mixture and to increase the volume
4. You can add more milk if you find the consistency too thick.
5. Pour it into glasses and top it some chocolate syrup, if you like.

Your Oreo milkshake is ready

Note : image courtesy :Google Image search because I don’t have a single image of the Oreo shakes I make at home.


  1. That actually looks really yummy! I don’t think I have even considered making an oreo milkshake before. There’s a first time for everything, right?

  2. This would be really good I think with any kind of cookie! I’m not a bit fan of Oreos, but I love making milkshakes at home. We usually make them with vanilla ice cream and then strawberries and bananas. Always good!

    • I am not too found of milkshakes, but I totally love Oreo shake and in fruit milkshakes the only ones we make are Chiku milkshakes and Mango milkshakes!

  3. Yum! Nice job Bhairavee. 😀 I love making these kinds of cold drinks at home because crushed ice is amazing with anything haha. I like to add fruit and sweet syrup and condensed milk for a nice treat in the summer.


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