By David Litwack. #1 of The Seekers

Ratings : AThe Children of Darkness

I got this book as an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

I totally loved this book. After reading so many dsytopian books, I was not really looking forward to yet another dsytopian future book and I constantly kept comparing The Children Of Darkness with books like The Giver and Divergent series and to an extent, this book was quite similar to those books, but it had its own distinct uniqueness.

The book started off as all dsytopian books do, explaining the rules that the world follows and how people are chosen by the Temple of Light, ruling power of the world, for teaching. Teachings were simply a display of the horrors of our world, i.e. of the past. All the good things on this time were hidden from them.

This story tells us about the journey of Nathaniel, Orah and Thomas of Little Pond, who become the seekers of truth, traveling all over the place in search of the keep. The keep is something that can overthrow the power of Temple and enlighten all the people with the truth. The way the children get pulled in to this adventure is written in a gripping way, I felt. The only thing that I felt was weird was, The story initially gave a huge importance to Nathaniel and I left he was the protagonist of the story, but soon Orah took over and remained in that position till almost the end. Nathaniel and Thomas assumed the side roles but I felt all three should have had equal importance throughout the book.

The book is divided into 4 parts and hence I felt it was a bit long. But the book is written in such a great way that I couldn’t keep it down once I started reading it! I would have preferred the main treasure hunt part to have been more elaborate and a bit difficult for 3 people who are said to have been of age. They seemed to be getting their work done a bit too easily at times.

Since the book is completely clean and with not much romance stuff, it is a really good book for 13 yr old and up young adults. Also, this book is the first book of The Seekers trilogy, and I surely will read the remaining of the books!