Author :  Sophie Kinsella.

Grade : B

Blurb :

Lottie just knows that her boyfriend is going to propose, but then his big question involves a trip abroad — not a trip down the aisle. Completely crushed, Lottie reconnects with an old flame, and they decide to take drastic action. No dates, no moving in together, they’ll just get married . . . right now. Her sister, Fliss, thinks Lottie is making a terrible mistake, and will do anything to stop her. But Lottie is determined to say “I do,” for better, or for worse.

My Review :

Wedding Night is basically a story of a girl, Lottie(woman actually, seeing that she is 33 yr old!), who is not proposed by her boyfriend Richard, like she was hoping for and while she is still fuming over this, she meets her ex-boyfriend, who she hasn’t seen for almost 15 years. This ex of hers, Ben, proposes to her to marry him. Honestly, I thought the proposal was more like a shag proposal than that of a marriage. Lottie is over the top and immediately accepts his proposal. When she tells her marriage to her elder sister, Fliss, who is like a mother to her, Fliss freaks out and tries to stop her. But Lottie goes ahead and marriages Ben in a very private ceremony. The remaining story is how Fliss tries to sabotage her sister’s wedding night, trying to stop her from consummating her marriage. Fliss has the help of Lorcan (Ben’s friend and business adviser) and Richard, and also Noah (Fliss’s son).

Honestly, this is the first Sophie Kinsella book (maybe after Mini Shopaholic) that has disappointed me. Like really really disappointed me!

After enjoying I have Got your Number so very much, Wedding Night just didn’t seem to make any impact on me. Now I know I shouldn’t be comparing two books. But even you have read some awesome books by an author you expect the best every time.

Wedding Night is the first book that is narrated with two different persons’ POV : Fliss and Lottie. My problem here was, usually when there are two different POV two different images are formed for each narration. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t distinguish Lottie’s POV from that of Fliss and this was confusing me! Also, the entire book seemed to be too obsessed with sex, with too many references to it and though it was funny at times, it was getting too much for me. Also, the whole Lottie and Ben love story wasn’t convincing for me and I started looking for more Lorcan and Fliss parts. Fliss and Lorcan connects because of their “divorced” status (soon-to-be in case of Fliss) and Lorcan helps Fliss get over her bitterness towards life and both of them help each other in realizing the mistakes that they are doing. Richard was another story altogether. The only part of Richard that I truly enjoyed, was that of Richard trying to board a plane with a suitcase that won’t apparently fit in the overhead bin and so he empties the contents on his bag and carries his clothes in his hands!

Overall, Wedding Night is enjoyable for a quick, light-hearted read, but honestly the who plot was some what unconvincing and the climax was a little bit of a let down for me!