Finally finally finally! I am finally free!!! (well… almost)

So my exams are done, my results are out, we shifted houses, I finished a workshop for placement preparation…. that pretty much sums up what has been going all around me since my last post!

Going into details, first of all, sorry for being so irregular in my blog posts! Continuing from where I left the last MIAN post, I gave my MCA semester 4 finals from 20th of April. As I had stated, it was my sister’s birthday on 23rd April, which we celebrated as a shopping outing despite me being in middle of my exams. Just the two of us went out for lunch, did a little shopping and in the evening I went out for dinner with the entire family as a treat for my sister!

Talking about the exams, it was an okayish semester which ended on a so-so note. I’m not particularly happy about my performance, but there isn’t anything much I can do about it now! I have managed to score an overall average pointer of 8.55 on a scale of 10 till semester 4. That’s my latest score before I start applying for my placement from this July, so wish me luck!!

Immediately the day after my exams ended, I attended a 6-day 9-hour intensive workshop for placement preparation like how to crack an aptitude test and the likes. It was a good training program which helped in clearly the basics which were sort of forgotten over the last many years! Plus I got to spend some more time which my classmates before we went for our summer break of 2 months!

During this time, my family was also preparing for shifting houses. Though it was just a couple of building away from the current house, shifting is no easy task. We finally shifted on Saturday, 14th May, but till the very last minute the work was just not over. Even for the past 4 days, all that we have been doing is tackling and setting up one room at a time. Even now, my own room is full of boxes and stuff waiting to be arranged!

So that’s all that has been happening around me, I think! Talking about what is coming up on the blog, I have been getting a lot of book review requests, and I have accepted a few, and I’ll be posting those for you all soon! I also have recently interviewed an author and I’ll be putting it up in a day or so! I’m also looking forward to catching up with my blogger friends! So stay tuned!