Woes of Sharing Your Room

I think I have mentioned this before about how I am living in a flat with roommates now since I have moved to Pune for my internship.

Let me tell you this… if you don’t get the right roommates your life can become hell because of these people.
I never wanted to share my room with anyone. Flat sharing is cool in a two bedroom flat. But 4 people living in 2 rooms was never something that I wanted to do. But as fate had it, I got a room with 3 girls staying and a vacancy for one. The girls seemed good and my father liked the place so well, I decided to go with it.
The girl I shared my room with was also great, but she left the house in about 5 days of me shifting in.
I don’t know where my brain had gone at that time and though there was a chance on me taking the whole room for myself, I didn’t do anything.
In January, I got a roommate.
This girl was exactly opposite to all that I am. She sleeps at 9 pm (fine by me, since I get more solo time with quietness in my room.), cooks are own food, is way older than me and thinks she is extremely smart cuz she earns the most among all the girls in the house. Everything okay with me because who is she to me? What do I care about since I am not going stay here after my internship ends. I was happy in ignoring her as long as I can.

But today she comes up to me when I am taking a bath and bangs on my door cuz she wants to put her own bucket of water to heat on the electric rod. How is some one who is taking a bath supposed to give her a bucket? On top of that, every morning I am the one who puts her bucket to heat myself. Is this my responsibility? I don’t think so since she doesn’t even wake up when I do. I am the first one to get up everyday. On top of that, when I came out she starts shouting on me that I disturb her sleep by staying up and working or reading or by talking on the phone. I will never apologize to some one by reading. Talking on the phone when the other person is awake and when I am paying for the room too I don’t think I am supposed to act only to please the others. Telling me to adjust can go two ways.

With all this ranting I would like to conclude saying, living with strangers is a real pain if you don’t get the type who understand you. It is difficult to please them all.

What are your experiences?


  1. I feel for you. I’ve never had to share a room with anyone but when I shared a flat in my first year of university I hated it.

    This girl sounds like a complete nightmare. She goes to bed at 9pm yet you are still the first one up in the morning? Wow, she sounds like a very lazy person.

    I hope that you can find a solution to this awkward living situation.

    • my only solution right now is to look forward to the end of the 6 months internship. once I am permanent here I will leave this house for good!

  2. Roommates can always be real hit and miss. I was really lucky in college when I was paired with a random girl and we ended up being best friends! But I’ve heard so many bad stories as well because you never really know who you’re gonna get. The best you can do I think in your situtation is just try to be as respectful as you can. It’s silly she is complaining about you reading, but maybe you could go outside and talk on the phone?

    At least this is only temporary. You don’t have to live with them forever!

    • that’a what I am doing now.

  3. In terms of college experience, I’ve never had to share a room with anyone in my whole time there as of yet. I have shared a room with my sister though almost all my life and it was a nightmare because Id sleep early and wake up early whereas shed sleep late and wake up late so I’d have to be super quiet haha.

    Good luck with this girl – hopefully it gets better.

    • Family is a different story. Strangers become more of a problem!

  4. I’ve never had to share a room before, but it sounds like a pain. You really need the same type of people to share it with. And it sounds like you weren’t being like rude or anything. Sounds like she has a big ego.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your roommate. It’s not right that she’s trying to make you do something that only benefits her. I mean, if she tries to help you out too, it works out. I always prefer getting to know people first before moving in with them :).

    • yeah I would have liked to do that too… but the problem was I had to move to a new city and the place I was going to start working didn’t have any other recruits other than me joining at that time. So I was alone 🙁

  6. I’ve honestly never lived with anyone I disliked, even staying in the room of someone’s house when I was away, I never had a problem (but I guess that is because I was the guest).

    This girl does not sound friendly at all, honestly I would think someone older than you would be more mature and not treat you like dirt or expect you to do things for her. I hope you don’t have to put up with her. But you are a mature adult as well so you should definitely stand up to her.

    Also like Holly said, wow that she sleeps earlier than you but you are up earlier. I think you are doing far better in life, LOL.

  7. Even living with someone you actually like is not always easy – much patience and compassion is needed and a lot of adjustments to make. It only works if both parties are willing to compromise. Sorry to hear your roommate doesn’t seem to be so cooperative…

  8. Eeeep I’ve heard lots of roommate horror stories like this. While I’ve been lucky to have a nice roommate, some people are just unfortunate to have ended up with a roommate like yours. I hope you guys work out a solution to this problem, and don’t fret – just think that at least you won’t have to live with this girl forever!


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