Goodbye 2017

I have been meaning to write this post since a couple of days but I couldn’t finish it in the end, so I decided that it would be better to write it down on the last day of the year 🙂

2017 might have been one of the most happening years in terms of a lot of firsts happened this year. I finished my college, entered the world of technology industry, earned my first salary, started living on my own (for few months), and many more such things. The world of book blogging also expanded around me, I got to know so many bibliophiles from around the world. I started my bookstagram too and though I am still a newbie there I want to stick around there and explore it some more.

I haven’t been blogging much (or not at all at times) because I often fall short of time and just couldn’t prioritize the blog over my work. I often felt like this year went by with me trying to juggle with work hours, commute time, reading and then deciding on when to blog. Another aspect of maintaining the blog is coding for it. Honestly after 9-10 hours of sitting in front of the computer to code, it didn’t get me too excited to do it again for the blog and I’m not proud about it. I hope in 2018 I would get at least some tiny amount of time and patience more to code for the blog.

Highlights of 2017 :

  • I shifted to Pune at the end of December 2016 and stayed there on my own till June 2016 for my internship as a part of the Masters degree completion.
  • I worked as a UI developer for 6 whole months and got a good insight into how React.js works which has got me super interested to get into JavaScript development in the near future again.
  • Post July, I started working as a full-time Technology Analyst and so far it has been one good experience in a huge MNC, which also brought me back home to Mumbai.
  • I graduated from VJTI with a degree of Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) and stood 5th in the class.
  • I visited Bangalore city for the first time and had a blast stay there for 5 days with my new Technology Analyst mates in a posh hotel. (Best time of the year!)
  • I bought my first scooter, TVS Wego in September and it has become an essential part of my life these days.
  • I visited the Comic Con Mumbai for the first time and met an amazing lot of folks and even bought myself some Harry Potter Funko Pop Vinyl figurines!
  • I volunteered in a lot of team building activities and fun boosting activities in both places I worked in and I truly enjoyed it.
  • I bought my first ever book subscription box, and now I might be addicted to them. (oh I need to do some unboxing posts!)
  • I went for the company’s year end party and wore a dress for the first time in 4 years (I am very body conscious!)
  • I read 40 books in 2017 (meh!)

Some of the not-so-good things happening in 2017:

  • I met with a small accident while driving my scooter which left me locked down in the house for a week, with a very abraded foot. I even developed a temporary limp.
  • I decided to cut off my ties with some toxic people in my life, whom I was considering really close friends and though it was difficult, I’m glad I took that decision!

Talking about 2018, here are some top of my head goals for 2018:

  • Discover my niche in the technology world. This will be a huge challenge but I really want to start working on something that will excite me, and not just work because I need to, on any random crap thrown my way.
  • Build a healthy lifestyle. I need to incorporate exercise into my daily regime and want to prioritize it the most.
  • Visit at least two new places in India.
  • Read more,blog more, code more.

Just a few short hours left before we step into a new year. Happy New Year to all you lovely readers. I’ll come up with a few more review posts soon. So stay tuned!